‘Christmas presents from or inspired by Amsterdam’ blog post was first published on Culture Tourist in December 2018 and updated on December 3rd 2021.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the last moment to take care of the Christmas presents. I’ve done some research and created a gift guide with presents from or inspired by Amsterdam. I’ve combined local products, brands and some unique experiences that would make a lovely Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Amsterdam Christmas Presents

The Netherlands is famous for its art and design, and Amsterdam was the inspiration for many of those. Amsterdam is becoming especially magical during the winter months, so some of the experiences in the city itself could make a great Christmas gift. I’ve looked for some of the best events and local products you can give as a Christmas present from or inspired by Amsterdam. And have prepared this special Amsterdam Christmas gifts guide for you.

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#1 – Photo Book: Amsterdam through the seasons

Dana Marin is a writer and photographer living in the Netherlands who just released a beautiful photobook, ‘Amsterdam through the seasons‘. It could make a great Christmas present for anyone in love with photography and Amsterdam. Dana is also organising photoshoots in the Netherlands. So, after enjoying her book, you can hire her to take some lovely photos of you at the locations you saw in her book.

I did a photoshoot with Dana a few times already. You can read about my experience of doing a photoshoot in Amsterdam here.

TIP: For more info about Dana’s photoshoots in Amsterdam, check out her website.

#2 – Inspired by Amsterdam: Mapiful map of Amsterdam

I’m just so in love with the Mapiful concept. You can choose any city in the world and create your own map design (it’s super easy to do that). A few years ago, I ordered a map of Amsterdam and loved having it in my living room. Mine was delivered in less than a week, so you still have enough time to order it as a Christmas present inspired by Amsterdam.

⤷ Check out the  Mapiful website on a link here and create your perfect customized map of Amsterdam.

#3 – Local experience: Amsterdam Light Festival

Light Festival is definitely one of my favourite annual events in Amsterdam. Artists from all around the world are creating their light art installations, and displaying them along the route. The best way to see them is by taking one of the special canal cruises. You can start it at Leidseplein or Central Station (check out the links for the tickets). Installations will be around until January 23rd 2022, so you still have enough time to see them.

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#4 – Local brand: Tony’s Chocolonely with mulled wine

Could there be Christmas without too many sweets? I don’t think so. That’s why a lovely Christmas gift from Amsterdam could be chocolate or some other sweets produced there. My absolute favourite this year is Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate with mulled wine. Could there be something more Christmasy? Take a look at their webshop for more Christmas themed chocolates.

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#5 – Book: The ABCs of Amsterdam

Paola Bucciol’s book The ABCs of Amsterdam has a subheading, A first guide to the capital of the Netherlands, and it’s aimed at its youngest visitors. After exploring the city with her sons, she met it through children’s eyes. And decided to create a guide to Amsterdam for the youngest visitors. Or its new English speaking residents.

Each page represents a different letter and a symbol, an important person or something specific for Amsterdam or the Dutch culture. It covers all the major Amsterdam topics such as the canals, bikes or houseboats. The book also introduces notable Amsterdammers or Dutch people such as Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh or Rembrandt van Rijn. And it includes some parts of the local culture tourists often don’t have a chance to immerse to. You can order your book at a link here.

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#6 – Purchase from a local Amsterdam brand: CLUSE Watch

CLUSE is a Dutch brand with a headquarters in Amsterdam. They are designing beautiful watches with a minimalist design. I really like their idea that you can easily change bracelets and get more watches designs this way. Perfect for travellers, right? Their Christmas collection is lovely, and you can see it on their website. They’ve recently introduced male watches too, so it could be a perfect present for men, as well.

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#7 – Inspired by Amsterdam: Colouring book

If you’re looking for a present for someone who lives far away but is really in love with Amsterdam, a colouring book with scenes from the Dutch capital could be a great present. I found this lovely colouring book on Amazon, and am thinking of definitely getting one for myself, too.

#8 –  Local product: Droog

Droog is your place to go when looking for some great Dutch design products. They have a store in Amsterdam, and a large selection of products in their webshop. Take a look for a really nice selection of high-end design products in their webshop on a link here.

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#9 – Local product: Analogie’s collection inspired by Amsterdam

Nahla from Analogie is one of my favourite jewellery designers based in Amsterdam. She’s creating unique jewellery inspired by different themes. Her recent collection was inspired by Amsterdam, and I just loved rings and bracelets with motives of gables from canal houses on them. Take a look at her Facebook page for the whole collection, on a link here.

#10 – Local experience: Christmas tour in Amsterdam

If you are travelling to Amsterdam during the Christmas time, it could be very nice to join one of the Christmas tours. But, even if you’re a local, spending some time learning about your city and getting into a Christmas spirit could be great on one of those tours. Check out this unique Christmas tour around the city centre, on a link here.

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I hope some of these ideas would make great Christmas gifts from or inspired by Amsterdam for your friends and family. What are your favourite Christmas gifts ideas? Do you have any to add? Share them with me in the comments below!

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