15 Best things to do in Zadar

Best things to do in Zadar

With so many things to do in Zadar, planning your visit to that beautiful Croatian town could be challenging. Its long history, numerous fantastic buildings, and so much art and culture make it a great place to visit in Croatia. From museums and cultural institutions to restaurants and lovely shops, here is your city guide with some fun things to do in Zadar.

15 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe

The most beautiful Royal palaces in Europe

What are the most beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe? In the past, the Old Continent was home to many Royal families. They married each other, had many heirs, and each needed a home to live in. And, well, a true Royal lives in a palace. That’s why you’ll find so many beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe. Some are privately owned, while others are turned into museums and cultural institutions. This means you can visit and admire them from the outside and inside. Although there are many of them, here is the Culture Tourist selection of the 15 most beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe.

15 Best Souvenirs from Amsterdam

The best souvenirs from Amsterdam

Bringing a lovely souvenir back home from your trip makes you feel like you’re at that particular destination for just a bit longer. And the same applies to the Dutch capital. You’ll find a souvenir shop on every corner in Amsterdam. However, finding the right one to bring back home could be a challenging task. It should be something produced in the Netherlands that is meaningful and has a story linked to the Dutch capital. After buying presents and souvenirs in Amsterdam for my friends and family for years, here is my list of the best souvenirs from Amsterdam.

Stedelijk Museum Highlights: What to see at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Highlights

Art enthusiasts know Amsterdam museums as home to the Old Masters, such as Rembrandt or Vermeer, and home to most of Van Gogh’s artworks. However, the Netherlands was also a birthplace of crucial modern art styles, like de Stijl, and artists such as Piet Mondrian or Gerrit Rietveld. Amsterdam is still one of the European capitals of contemporary art. The place to go to Amsterdam to enjoy some of the top modern and contemporary art is the Stedelijk Museum.

Things to do in Tournai

Things to do in Tournai

Tournai is a lovely destination anyone interested in culture and history should put on their Belgium bucket list. The town is filled with history, beautiful sites and many excellent museums. However, it’s still an undiscovered gem. Easily reachable from London, Brussels or Amsterdam, here are some great things to do in Tournai that will help you plan your trip to that fantastic destination.

Things to do in Zagreb 2024: Tips from a local

Things to do in Zagreb

Are you visiting the Croatian capital and wondering what are the best things to do in Zagreb? After living abroad for some time, I’ve been back in Zagreb for the last four years. It’s much smaller than other European capitals, like Paris, London or Rome. But, with just around 800,000 inhabitants, it’s a small, liveable place that feels like a large city. Read my Zagreb City Guide to learn more about its exciting history, charming areas and places you should visit in Zagreb.