What to see in Mechelen: Mechelen child-friendly weekend guide

What to see in Mechelen

Belgium is one of my favourite weekend destinations, and I often visit towns in Flanders. Its architecture, charming towns, comic books, and Belgian chocolates are just some of the things I love there the most. If you’re wondering about which town to visit in Flanders, consider Mechelen. With its great vibe and many fascinating cultural spots, it’s a great destination to visit. Check out this travel guide with tips about what to see in Mechelen for some inspiration.

What to see in Central Istria: Tips from a local

What to see in Central Istria

The Istrian peninsula is among the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. However, its central part is still largely undiscovered. With its dreamy hilly landscape, numerous small towns located on top of the hills, exciting legends, beautiful castles and small medieval churches, that region is a wonderful place to visit for all the cultural tourists. If you’re wondering what to see in Central Istria, here is your guide to visiting that beautiful part of Croatia.

Karlsruhe Museums Guide: Best Museums in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe museums guide

For a relatively small town, Karlsruhe is home to some great museums. From fantastic archaeological collections and exhibits witnessing the Karlsruhe history, to modern and media art, you’ll find them all in Karlsruhe museums. If you’re wondering what are some of the best museums in Karlsruhe you shouldn’t miss, read this Karlsruhe Museums Guide.

Top 10 archaeological sites in Italy

Romanum in Rome, Italy

Italy is one of the countries with the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. Since I was born in Croatia, near the Italian border, my parents often took me to Italy when I was younger. I always admired their hedonism, the best coffee, and the picturesque small towns. But for the most part, I fell in love with this country because of its art and cultural heritage. No wonder I decided to study archaeology years later. I must admit I still didn’t visit most of the sites in Italy that are on my bucket list. But I’m sure I will soon. And today, I will share my top 10 archaeological sites in Italy with you.

Binche Travel Guide: What to see & do in Binche (Belgium)

Binche travel guide

Binche is a small charming town located in the southern part of Belgium. Surrounded by the solid medieval walls, wandering its cobbled streets feels like a trip back to history. Being home to so many interesting historical buildings, lovely museums and one of the most fascinating carnivals in the world, this small Belgian town is definitely worth visiting. However, to help you plan your trip there, I created this Binche travel guide with things to see and do in Binche.

It’s Culture Tourist’s 6th Blogiversary!

Tea from the Culture Tourist seating in the old street in Amsterdam

It’s a special day at the Culture Tourist today! We are celebrating our 6th birthday! I’m writing we because it’s a few years already, I’m not the only person behind the Culture Tourist. And, although I still call it ‘my little blog’ it’s not that anymore either. So, how it all started? Where is Culture Tourist now, and what are my plans for the future? Keep on reading to find out!

My travel diary: Three days in Barcelona

View on the park Güell in Barcelona

I went to Barcelona without any expectations. In fact, I was so busy before my trip, I hadn’t prepared for it at all. I just needed a few days off and some quiet time with my family. My plan was to just get some sun and enjoy Spanish food and lifestyle. However, this vibrant city made me fall in love with it instantly.