Impressionists in Paris

Impressionists in Paris

Paris was the birthplace of one of the most famous painting styles in art history – Impressionism. It’s exceptional because it was the first modern painting style that changed the course of art history. Most of its members lived and worked in Paris in the mid-19th century. In this article, you’ll learn more about where its members met, learned to paint together, discussed art and created some of their most beautiful paintings.

16 Inspiring female artists from history

Female artists Berthe Morisot painting at Musee Marmottan Monet in Paris

How many female artists do you know? Although it may seem there are no women artists in history, that’s untrue. To celebrate International Women’s Day, I prepared an article about some of the most inspiring female artists you should know. I looked for leading artists from different periods in art history and curated some of their most interesting paintings here. Enjoy, and let’s celebrate women in art together! Female artists in history The lack of female artists in history has a lot in common with the way society treated women in the past. Women were mostly restrained to the house,…

Jože Plečnik and his Architecture in Ljubljana

Jože Plečnik architecture in Ljubljana

When wandering around Ljubljana, you will stumble on some fascinating buildings designed by famous Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. He reshaped the Slovenian capital, built many beautiful buildings and made urban designs for the city, making Ljubljana one of the prettiest European capitals. It’s with no surprise Plečnik’s masterpieces in Ljubljana got to the UNESCO heritage list in 2021. Read this article to learn more about Jože Plečnik and his architecture in Ljubljana.

Discover the Best Museums in Ljubljana

Best museums in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is home to a rich cultural heritage and an array of museums showcasing its history, art, and science. From contemporary art to natural history, Ljubljana’s museums have something for everyone. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best museums in Ljubljana and what makes them unique.

Why is Sagrada Família not finished yet?

View at the towers of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Why is Sagrada Família not finished yet? That was my question when planning my first trip to Barcelona a few years ago. It’s so fascinating that although unfinished, it’s one of the most famous buildings in the world and is already recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique building was designed by one of the best Spanish architects of all time – Antoni Gaudí. Keep reading to learn more about that fascinating building and why is Sagrada Família not finished.

Where to travel in 2023: Month by month recommendations

View on Arles

Besides making some New Years resolutions (especially to lose all the weight you gained throughout the holidays), the beginning of January is a great time to plan your trips for the next year. In order to make choosing both the best place and the time of the year to visit it, I made this list that will help you decide on where to travel in 2023 with month by month recommendations.

Tate Modern Museum in London: Tips for visiting & highlights

Tate Modern Museum in London Highlights

Tate Modern is one of the best contemporary art galleries in the world. Located in London and opened in 2000, it’s a place where you can see some of the most fascinating international modern and contemporary artworks. Tate Modern regularly host temporary shows, too. So, there is always something to see at that fantastic place. It’s a massive museum with numerous artworks, so keep reading for tips for visiting Tate Modern and Tate Modern highlights.