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It’s my birthday! Here are some things I’d like to do this year

Tea from Culture Tourist birthday

It’s my birthday today! If you’ve been following Culture Tourist for some time, you probably noticed I love celebrating my birthday. I believe it’s a day to celebrate your life, who you are and everything you have achieved. And I genuinely believe that’s something worth making a massive party for. I don’t usually share many of these kinds of personal updates. But, each year, I love writing a birthday blog post reflecting on a year that passed, together with a list of twenty things I’d love to achieve in the following year. Well, it’s just to make myself accountable.

It’s Culture Tourist’s 6th Blogiversary!

Tea from the Culture Tourist seating in the old street in Amsterdam

It’s a special day at the Culture Tourist today! We are celebrating our 6th birthday! I’m writing we because it’s a few years already, I’m not the only person behind the Culture Tourist. And, although I still call it ‘my little blog’ it’s not that anymore either. So, how it all started? Where is Culture Tourist now, and what are my plans for the future? Keep on reading to find out!

I’m moving… but, not to Canada

Tea from the Culture Tourist seating in the old street in Amsterdam

Do you remember my big news from three months ago? I shared with you how I’m moving to Canada with my family. Well, a lot has happened in the meantime. 2020 showed us its teeth and the whole world has found itself in the middle of the pandemic. Who could predict that only a few months ago? Of course, it affected my life and plans to move to Canada, too.

I’m moving to Canada!

Tea at the Rijksmuseum garden

I have some big news to share with you guys. I’m moving to Canada!

It’s something my family and me were thinking of doing for some time already. And have finally decided it’s time to leave the Netherlands and go on our next adventure – to Canada.

It’s my Birthday! And here are some things I would like to do this year…

Tea at the garden of the Rijksmuseum

It’s my birthday today! I’m one of those people that loveee celebrating their birthdays. And I’m always making a few celebrations. One in Croatia. One in the Netherlands. One in… Well, you get the point. To me, my birthday is a day when I’m reflecting to the year behind me. I love to celebrate good things. And to learn from the bad ones. Although, I had a feeling like this year was pretty calm and not many things were happening, when I started writing this blog post, I realised it wasn’t like that at all. It was quite busy, and…

My Summer Plans…

Tea sitting at a cafe

I’m sharing a bit of a more personal post today with you. Well, I promised you more of those at the beginning of the year. But, then, life happened, and I didn’t really have time to update you with anything. So, here is a little personal update, with some things I was busy with lately. And with my summer plans. Last few months were quite busy… Last few months were quite busy for me. I worked a lot on my blog, products and services around it. And after working hard and having a feeling like there were no results at…

What am I up to in 2019 (my blogging, travel & personal plans)

Tea in Fort Nizwa in Oman

I know, I know… It’s a middle of February already, but it’s never too late to write one of those ‘New Years resolutions’ posts. I always love to reflect on a previous year and make some decisions for the next one. After some changes in my private life lately, I’ve decided to work more on line in 2019. And also to add more creativity and some healthier habits in my life. I’m usually sharing this kind of ‘behind the biz’ things in my monthly newsletter. So, if you would like to receive it, you can sign in on a link here.…