Have you ever had a private photo shoot on some of your trips? It’s something I was playing with as an idea for some time already. But, I always felt really uncomfortable and nervous in front of the camera. So, I would always drop the idea in the end. However, recently, I’ve finally booked a private photo shoot in Amsterdam and really loved the whole experience. And it’s something I’m definitely going to do more often when travelling.

Photos as a lovely souvenir from your trip

I love having some beautiful photos from my trips. They are my favourite souvenir and a nice memory of a lovely time I had in a destination that’s dear to me. There are some pictures from my travels on which I can almost smell the air and hear the sound of the place.

Looking for the best photographer

I’m always nervous in front the camera, and if you know that ‘Friends’ episode in which Chandler and Monica are taking their engagement photos, well, let me just tell you, I look like Chandler on the majority of my photos. So, choosing the right photographer was definitely an essential thing for me. I wanted to be with someone that’s going to make me less nervous and with whom I’m going to have a feeling like I’m walking and taking pictures with a friend.

I followed Dana from the Amsterdamian for a few years already and always admired her photography. She’s capturing the colours and a spirit of Amsterdam so well on her photos. But, I also loved the way she’s playing with the light on her portraits.

So when I’ve seen that she’s started offering private photo shoots in Amsterdam, I’ve got in contact with her right away and booked the one for myself.

How did my private photo shoot in Amsterdam look like

Dana and I met at my favourite neighbourhood, at the Museum Quarter in Amsterdam. She was relaxed and friendly and listened patiently about the style and colours I wanted in my photos. To be honest, I was quite nervous at the beginning. But very soon, we chatted as we knew each other for years.

One of the reasons I’ve booked a private photo shoot in Amsterdam was because I wanted to have some nice photos for my website done and for some products I wanted to promote more (my colouring postcards and a self-guided tour about Rembrandt in Amsterdam). And although we planned to spend two hours together, we had such a lovely time that our photo shoot lasted for three hours in the end.

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# Taking photos around the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is one of my favourite buildings in Amsterdam. However, it’s also so photogenic with its colourfull bricks, statues and wall decorations. Since we had our photo shoot in early June, Rijksmuseum gardens were opened, and they made a beautiful setting for our photos.

It was also during the time when those amazing Louise Bourgeois’ spiders were on display at the Rijksmuseum gardens. I loved including art and architecture in those photos, and it was probably one of my favourite parts of our Amsterdam photo shoot.

# Photo shoot at the Amsterdam canals

I wanted to capture some of the symbols of Amsterdam on the photos, so we continued towards the canal belt and have taken some pictures at the lovely bridges and picturesque Amsterdam canals.

# Capturing some beautiful canal houses

Since, I’m so in love with those amazing Amsterdam houses with its unusual gables, little stairs in front of their entrances and cute facades, we’ve spent some time by taking photos in the narrow streets, as well.

How can you book your private photo shoot in Amsterdam

Although taking photos of myself is always quite stressful for me, I was so happy with a time I’ve spent with Dana. We were chatting and laughing and had a great time during our private photo shoot in Amsterdam. And although the time flew and it felt like I was just strolling around the city with a friend, the final result and the photos she’s created is excellent.

A private photo shoot with Dana could be booked through her website on a link here. I should probably mention here that this is not a sponsored post. I’m just so amazed by that experience that I can’t recommend her enough. I’m actually planning to book another private photo shoot in Amsterdam with Dana again soon. Probably during the early Winter to capture the mood of the city during that season, as well.

Have you ever taken a private photo shoot while travelling? Did you like the experience? Let me know in the comments below!