As you already know, here in the Culture Tourist we’re all about combining art and travel together. About getting the right experiences when you’re travelling, learning about local art and culture.

A part that’s quite important to me when travelling is getting the right souvenir back home with me. Something that’s locally produced that has a meaning and a connection with a destination. That’s why I’ve started designing these colouring postcards. So you can learn about local tradition and culture through a nice souvenir you can send to your friends and family or just keep to yourself.

Dutch Symbols

The Netherlands is famous for different things. It’s Golden Ages, windmills, cycling culture etc. I’ve created ten postcards on which you can find some of these symbols. Or things that are coming to your mind when thinking about the Netherlands.

You can see all of them in a video below:

Colouring Postcards

However, to have a perfect souvenir, you should participate in creating it, as well. That’s why our postcards can be coloured. You can choose the colours you like and create your perfect colour combination.

Our colouring postcards are hand-drawn and printed on a high-quality paper. That’s why you can colour them nicely with crayons or markers. They were designed, drawn and printed in the Netherlands, so you’re really getting a local product.

We’re delivering world wide so you can order a set of colouring postcards from anywhere in the world. You can check our Web Shop with more details and photos on a link below.

Do you like our colouring postcards? Which one is your favourite?

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