Are you visiting Amsterdam with the kids? Then get The ABCs of Amsterdam book!

Amsterdam is a wonderful town filled with history, beautiful architecture and some of the most famous artworks in the world. It’s also proclaimed to be one of the most child-friendly cities years after year. Combining that, it’s one of the best family-friendly destinations in Europe. To help you prepare for your trip and enjoy it even more while visiting Amsterdam with kids, writer Paola Bucciol just released a beautiful book called The ABCs of Amsterdam, in which the little travellers could learn all the most exciting things about the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam with kids

I’m a big advocate for travelling with kids. It’s the best way of learning about the new culture and an excellent opportunity to listen to (and try speaking) a foreign language. Also, it gives a few days to the whole family to spend some good quality time together.

However, one of my top tips for travelling with kids is to prepare them well for the trip in advance. Help them learn a bit about the country they are going to visit, see photos of some of the most important sites etc.

One of my favourite things to do before travelling to a new place with my son is to get a children’s book about it. They are an excellent way for kids to familiarize themselves with a new destination, learn something about its history, notable people, famous buildings etc. However, it’s also a way to get even more excited about the trip.

In the end, a children’s book is also a lovely souvenir that will remind kids about a great time they had on their vacation. And it can rewake some pleasant memories in the weeks after the trip.

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The ABCs of Amsterdam

Paola Bucciol’s The ABCs of Amsterdam has a subheading, A first guide to the capital of the Netherlands, and it’s aimed to its youngest visitors. This is the author’s debut work, and she dedicated it to her families adopted home – Amsterdam. After exploring the city with her sons, she met it through the eyes of children. And decided to create a guide to Amsterdam for the youngest visitors.

Each couple of pages represents a different letter and a symbol, an important person or something specific for Amsterdam or the Dutch culture. It covers all the major Amsterdam topics such as the canals, bikes or houseboats. The book also introduces notable Amsterdammers or Dutch people such as Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh or Rembrandt van Rijn. And it includes some parts of the local culture tourists often don’t have a chance to immerse to.

What makes this book a little piece of art, besides its exciting content, are the gorgeous illustrations created by artist Anca Ioana Bostina. Made with watercolours, she gave life to the book and made it so much more appealing.

I also loved the little quests hidden throughout the book. After looking for all the Dutch flags hidden inside the book, I’m sure no kid will leave the Netherlands without being familiar with its flag. The author also asks kids different kinds of questions, making them thinking even more about some aspects of the Dutch culture. Little travellers will also get a chance to learn some basic Dutch worlds they can practice while visiting Amsterdam.

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The ABCs of Amsterdam definitely offers learning while having fun, and it’s a great introduction to the Dutch culture and Amsterdam for its youngest visitors. Be sure to check out this book before your family trip to Amsterdam.

Get your The ABCs of Amsterdam copy on a link here.