About me

Hello and welcome to the Culture Tourist!

My name is Tea, and I am an art historian and blogger behind the Culture Tourist.

Culture Tourist is an art and culture travel blog focusing on European destinations, with occasional trips outside the Old Continent. You’ll find cultural travel guides, museum reviews, stories about artists and art movements, and more inspirational content here.

My goal is to show you some hidden gems around Europe. But, also tell you stories about some very famous buildings, art pieces, and popular destinations you didn’t know about.

Why art?

I have always loved art and creating things. I loved to design magazines out of my old notebooks when I was a kid. I went to art high school, where I was especially interested in decorative crafts.

And then, during my studies, when I started to work as a museum guide, I realised how many people are intimidated by art. They find museums to be that scary place where art is reserved only for the few who understand it.

But, art and design are all around us. And they are something that makes our life so much more beautiful and exciting.

That’s something I love to reveal in the Culture Tourist. And I love doing that by telling stories about art. I worked as a museum guide for almost ten years and enjoy making some complicated art history stories more understandable and enjoyable.

While travelling, I always look for interesting public art, outstanding museums and pretty buildings. And love to share them here with my readers.

Some of my favourite stories about art on Culture Tourist are:

Why travel?

I’m also in looove with travelling. It’s such a fantastic way to learn about the world around us.

The focus of this blog is on deep travel, meaningful travel and especially cultural tourism.

Here are some of my favourite travel destinations and experiences:

Culture Tourist is a place where art and travel are combined together. And where you can learn about art and design through travel.

How I started Culture Tourist

Culture Tourist started as my creative outlet in 2016, and it soon became my full-time job. And to me, that’s a dream come true.

After getting my MA degree in Art History, I moved from my home town Zagreb (Croatia) to Amsterdam. And found that to be an excellent opportunity to start my own business.

After working in museums and getting some experience in the travel industry, I wanted to combine art and travel in my work. So I started organising private museum tours at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. During those tours, my goal was to show how some paintings you can see at the museum today were initially in some of the canal houses you can still see around Amsterdam.

To make those art pieces come to life, I researched where some famous painters lived and worked. And how you can still follow their footsteps in many places in Europe. That’s why I created a mobile app Rembrandt in Amsterdam and wrote a lot about the places linked to Van Gogh in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

I wanted to share more of those stories with people I met on my museum tours, so little by little, I started writing articles on my blog. Six years later, that small blog about art and culture in Europe became my full-time job.

If you’d like to read more about my last six years of running Culture Tourist, check out this blog post.

This blog is your travel guide through the art and culture of destinations around the world.

Who is Culture Tourist?

  • I am! I don’t like mass tourism. I believe in responsible tourism!
  • I love to travel deep. Meet local people, listen to their stories and let them tell me about their cities.
  • I also love to learn about the culture, uniqueness and history of the destinations I’m visiting. But, I also love to immerse myself in the local everyday life. So I’m always looking for some cool street art, local designers and artists.

I love connecting with my readers

I always say how none of this would be possible without my readers. So thank you so much for being here, following me and reading my stories.

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