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15 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe

The most beautiful Royal palaces in Europe

What are the most beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe? In the past, the Old Continent was home to many Royal families. They married each other, had many heirs, and each needed a home to live in. And, well, a true Royal lives in a palace. That’s why you’ll find so many beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe. Some are privately owned, while others are turned into museums and cultural institutions. This means you can visit and admire them from the outside and inside. Although there are many of them, here is the Culture Tourist selection of the 15 most beautiful Royal Palaces in Europe.

Spring in Art: Most Beautiful Paintings Inspired by Spring

Spring in art: Gustav Klimt Italian Garden

Spring in art is represented by numerous beautiful paintings. Since the Middle Ages and especially in the Renaissance, artists included awakening nature, blossoming trees and flowers in their artworks. Many paintings were inspired by Spring throughout history, but representing nature during that season became especially popular among Impressionist painters. To celebrate that remarkable season, here is the Culture Tourist’s selection of the most beautiful paintings representing Spring in art.

Christmas in Art: The Most Beautiful Christmas Themed Artworks

Christmas in Art: Viggo Johansen: Merry Christmas

Christmas in art is represented by numerous paintings from the Middle Ages until modern times. In earlier art, especially in the Renaissance and Baroque, it was presented by the Nativity scenes and representations of adorations of the shepherds. However, since the mid-19th century, when modern traditions like Christmas tree decorating and carolling developed, they also started to get represented in Christmas paintings. In this article, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful paintings depicting Christmas in art.

Spooky & Scary Art: The Scariest Paintings in Art History

Scary Art: Pieter Bruegel painting from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels

Scary art is present within art history throughout the centuries. From the gargoyles on Gothic cathedrals and representations of Hell on the Renaissance Last Judgements paintings to Baroque still lifes with skulls and 20th-century modern horror, you’ll find them in all these paintings. Since Halloween is just around the corner, here are some scary and horror art pieces that represent the best of the spooky art has to offer.

Autumn in Art History

Autumn in art history is represented by some stunning paintings. Its warm shades of yellow, red, brown and green inspired generations of artists. Nature changes significantly throughout the season, so you’ll find some very different art pieces with that theme. From allegories to landscapes, the Renaissance to Modern Art, here are some of the most beautiful artworks with the theme of Autumn in art history.

16 Inspiring female artists from history

Female artists Berthe Morisot painting at Musee Marmottan Monet in Paris

How many female artists do you know? Although it may seem there are no women artists in history, that’s untrue. To celebrate International Women’s Day, I prepared an article about some of the most inspiring female artists you should know. I looked for leading artists from different periods in art history and curated some of their most interesting paintings here. Enjoy, and let’s celebrate women in art together! Female artists in history The lack of female artists in history has a lot in common with the way society treated women in the past. Women were mostly restrained to the house,…