There is a souvenir shop on every corner in Amsterdam. However, finding the right souvenir from the Dutch capital is quite a hard task. Something produced in the Netherlands, meaningful and with a story related to it. After buying presents and souvenirs in Amsterdam for my friends and family for around five years now, here is my list of the best souvenirs from Amsterdam.

The best souvenirs from Amsterdam

#1 – Dutch food

In my opinion, food is the best souvenir from any place you’re visiting. It’s giving you the best taste of the country, and it ‘won’t be collecting dust in your living room for years. Some of my favourite Dutch food that could serve as a great souvenir from Amsterdam are:

  • Stropwafels – The most popular Dutch cookies ‘you’re going to see on every corner in the Netherlands. ‘They’re so incorporated into the tradition here, that ‘you’re going to see them on some of the paintings of Dutch masters in the Rijksmuseum, too. You can find them in many specialized stores, but ‘I’m always getting them either on one of the markets or in the supermarket.
  • Cheese – The Netherlands is the second biggest cheese producer in the world. So, taking some cheese home with you could be a great souvenir from the Netherlands. Once again buy it either at the market or in the supermarket.
  • Chocolate – It’s not coming on one’s mind as a first food produced in the Netherlands. But, probably because of its chocoholic neighbour, you’ll find some quite delicious chocolate in the Netherlands. Puccini Bomboni and Urban Cacao could be a great start for your search.

#2 – Colouring postcards ‘Dutch symbols’

Well, I’m promoting my own product here. But, I really truly believe they are a great souvenir from Amsterdam. Colouring postcards with 10 different Dutch symbols on them could be a lovely postcards you’re going to send to your family and friends. Or, you can keep them to yourself as a nice souvenir from Amsterdam. And the best thing is, you can colour them and adjust them to your own taste. You can check out designs and get your own set on a link here.

#3 – Books about Amsterdam

Novels about places I’m visiting are my new favourite souvenir! There are so many great books inspired by Amsterdam or with a story set in a Dutch capital. I’ve recently wrote about some of them in my Literary guide to Amsterdam. Here is a list of my favourite 5 books about it:

#4 – Dutch art and design

The Netherlands is so famous for its art. But, not only Rembrandt and Vermeer were great masters. There are some true talents among the contemporary Dutch designers, as well. The best places to look for Dutch design is a Droog store. You can find so many great pieces of Dutch design in their webshop. However, one of my favourite places is Nieuwe Spiegelstraat which connects the Rijksmuseum and Herengracht. There are many antique stores, art and design shops there selling anything from antique Delft pottery to some modern Dutch art.

#5 – Cheese slicer

The cheese slicer is a perfect gift from the Netherlands, in my opinion. They’re so Dutch, but also so handy to have. Dutch cheese is a bit harder, so it’s convenient to have one of these slicers to get perfectly thin slices of cheese. You’ll find many different brands in stores, but my favourite are Boska cheese slicers.

These are definitely my favourite souvenirs from Amsterdam. I’ve already bought so many of them to my family and friends living outside the Netherlands. And they’re always well received.

What are your favourite Dutch souvenirs? Share with me in the comments below!

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