Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam Ideas – 2024 edition

Valentines Day in Amsterdam Ideas

Do you need some ideas for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam? With its old-city charm, illuminated bridges and dreamy canals, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in the world. From going on a canal cruise, having dinner at a romantic restaurant, and wandering around its historic neighbourhoods, there are so many romantic things to do in Amsterdam. Read my article for some great Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam ideas.

10 Best things to do in Maastricht

Best things to do in Maastricht: The Sint-Servaasbrug (St. Servatius Bridge) in Maastricht

What are some of the best things to do in Maastricht? One of the most beautiful and unusual towns in the Netherlands is also a Dutch city which looks the least Dutch. Positioned at the border with Germany and Belgium, its architecture, culture and cuisine are very much influenced by its neighbours. Located two-and-a-half hours by train from Amsterdam, it’s a great town to visit on a weekend break in the Netherlands. To help you decide what to do in Maastricht, here are some of the Culture Tourist’s tips on the best things to do in Maastricht.

Is the I amsterdam City Card worth it?

Is I Amsterdam City Card worth it

Is the I Amsterdam City Card worth it? During my last trip to Amsterdam, I used the 72 h I Amsterdam card and loved it. It’s a handy city card offering public transport and free or discounted entrance to most museums in Amsterdam. There is also a significant discount on some Amsterdam city tours, canal cruises, and bicycle rentals. Read my I Amsterdam City Card review to see if it’s the right choice for your trip to the Dutch capital.

My 2023 summary & what am I up to in 2024

Culture Tourist 2023 overview

2023 was a year of ups and downs for me. I learned some valuable life lessons (more about them later in this article), and I drifted apart from some people in my life. However, it was also a year in which I learned to appreciate my true friends and family much more. It started as a challenging year in my professional life. But it ended with opening some fantastic opportunities I could only dream about before (more about them also later in this article). It was also a year filled with awesome trips, concerts, exhibitions and many wonderful experiences. However, I’m more than ready to leave 2023 behind and welcome 2024!

Christmas in Art: The Most Beautiful Christmas Themed Artworks

Christmas in Art: Viggo Johansen: Merry Christmas

Christmas in art is represented by numerous paintings from the Middle Ages until modern times. In earlier art, especially in the Renaissance and Baroque, it was presented by the Nativity scenes and representations of adorations of the shepherds. However, since the mid-19th century, when modern traditions like Christmas tree decorating and carolling developed, they also started to get represented in Christmas paintings. In this article, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful paintings depicting Christmas in art.

Royal Winter Trip to The Hague

Royal winter trip to The Hague

Last weekend, I took a short winter trip to The Hague. Filled with beautiful architecture, fantastic museums, and many great local shops and restaurants, The Hague is a Dutch city to put on your bucket list. It’s also where the Dutch Royal family lives, the centre of Dutch politics, the seat of its government, and home to most embassies. The Hague is where you’ll find one of the best Christmas markets in the Netherlands, as well. If you’d like to experience its cosy festive atmosphere, treat yourself to the Royal winter trip to The Hague.

Best Art Cafes in Amsterdam

Best art cafes in Amsterdam

Are you looking for art cafes in Amsterdam? The Dutch capital is the city of art, home to many fantastic museums, lovely galleries, and cultural venues. Many of Amsterdam’s museums have beautiful cafes. But you’ll also find some wonderful art cafes in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by beautiful artwork. After visiting many of them over the last ten years, here is the Culture Tourist selection of the best art cafes in Amsterdam.