What to see at the Hainaut Province of Belgium

What to see at the Hainaut Province in Belgium

Hainaut Province is located in the southern part of Belgium, in its French-speaking region of Wallonia. It’s home to some of the most famous Belgian comic books, fantastic street art, lovely architecture, fascinating history and numerous cultural spots. If you’re wondering about what to see at the Hainaut Province of Belgium, keep reading.

Exploring Rome with the Urbs App

View on Rome. Statues in the closeup on the right.

Are you planning to visit Rome soon? Organising a trip to a new city is always exciting. However, if you’re travelling somewhere for the first time, it could be a bit challenging to plan all the details of your trip. Which sites to visit? Or where to find information about all that fantastic architecture you’ll see in the Italian capital? This is where travel apps could come in handy. And I have recently discovered a perfect one. So, keep reading to learn more about exploring Rome with the Urbs Travel city app.

Belgian Chocolate: The best chocolate shops in Bruges

View on Golden Ages canal in Bruges

Recently, I made a new rule while travelling – I am buying only edible souvenirs. So, you can imagine that now, going to Belgium for me, is a little holiday itself. Each time, I’m back with a bag full of Belgian chocolates (and a few more jogging mornings scheduled in my agenda). In this post, I compiled a short list of the best chocolate shops in Bruges, that will help you find the best Belgian chocolate shops in that charming Flemish town.

10 Best exhibitions in European museums to visit in 2022

Interior of the museum with people examining paintings

Have you always been impressed with Stonehenge and prehistoric times? Or do you prefer admiring some of the masterpieces from contemporary art? With so many exciting exhibitions planned in 2022, this year will bring joy to every art and culture addict living in or traveling around Europe. If you’d like to find out more about the best exhibitions in European museums to visit in 2022, be sure to keep reading.

7 Top Art Museums in Europe

Top art museums in Europe

Europe is home to numerous fantastic museums, and we already wrote about many of them at the Culture Tourist. However, in this article, we selected 7 top art museums in Europe with some of the best fine arts collections. From the Renaissance masterpieces, Baroque paintings to some of the contemporary art highlights, these museums are home to all of them.

How to spend a day in Kaprun (Austria)

How to spend a day in Kaprun

During my recent road trip from Croatia to the Netherlands, I made a stop in the Austrian Alps and spent a day in the beautiful town of Kaprun. What was supposed to be a sleepover only became one of the highlights of my trip. I was there for a day but will definitely come back again to spend more time in its surroundings, as well. If you were wondering how to spend a day in Kaprun, keep reading.