Art Blogmas 2020: Day 19

Art Blogmas Day 19

It seems the Dutch painters always had a special thing for showing the winter in their country. In today’s Art Blogmas we’re hosting one of the most famous Dutch 17th-century landscape painters, Jacob van Ruisdael and his Winter Landscape.

Art Blogmas 2020: Day 14

Art Blogmas Day 14

In the day 14 of our Art Blogmas, I’m bringing you the work of one, perhaps not-so-well-known painter, Anton Genberg and his lovely painting – Afternoon Mood. Art Blogmas 2020 Anton Genberg (1862 – 1939) was the Swedish painter, mostly creating his artwork in the Naturalist style. When you see today’s painting, it will come with no surprise he mostly painted mountain landscapes. ⤷ Read more: Let’s slow down a bit (with some art) Anton Genberg: Afternoon Mood As with many paintings we hosted in this year’s Art Blogmas, the most fascinating part of this one is the snow itself.…

Art Blogmas 2020: Day 13

Art Blogmas Day 13

Can you believe we’re halfway through our Culture Tourist Art Blogmas? I hope you’re enjoying in discovering some winter-inspired art so far. Today, I’m sharing with you one of the very early representatives of this genre, painted back in the 16th century – Lucan van Valckenborch’s Winter Landscape with Snow near Antwerp.