Best day trips from Zadar

Best day trips from Zadar

Are you looking for the best day trips from Zadar? This lovely town has a perfect position in Croatia, making it a great starting point to visit some of the most fascinating Croatian national parks, islands and cities. Here is the Culture Tourist’s selection of the best day trips from Zadar you should take during your stay in that town.

15 Best things to do in Zadar

Best things to do in Zadar

With so many things to do in Zadar, planning your visit to that beautiful Croatian town could be tricky. Its long history, numerous fantastic buildings, and so much art and culture, make it a great place to visit in Croatia. From museums and cultural institutions to restaurants and lovely shops, here is your Zadar city guide with some fun things to do in Zadar.

What to see at Museumplein in Amsterdam

Museumplein in Amsterdam

Museumplein in Amsterdam is the cultural heart of the city. You’ll find the best Amsterdam museums, occasional art installations, and live performances there. Located in the heart of the Museum Quarter district, it’s a must-see place in Amsterdam for all art lovers. Here is the guide to what to see at Museumplein in Amsterdam that will help you plan your visit.

2 Day itinerary Barcelona

2 day Itinerary Barcelona

Are you looking for 2 day itinerary Barcelona? With its fantastic architecture, numerous museums, great food and Mediterranean lifestyle, Barcelona is one of the cities in Europe you should visit. There is so much to see there it could be hard to plan what to see in two days in Barcelona. This 2 day itinerary Barcelona includes its architectural highlights, one of the best museums in the city, tasting delicious Spanish food and enjoying the city like a local.

Exploring Museum Island Berlin

Museum Island in Berlin

Museum Island Berlin is one of the most fascinating cultural sites in Europe. It comprises of five world-class museums, and the whole complex is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island dedicated to art and culture is one of the most visited places in Berlin. You can read here about its history, museums and tips for visiting Museum Island Berlin.

3 Days in Berlin itinerary

3 days in Berlin itinerary

Are you looking for 3 days in Berlin itinerary? The capital of Germany is an exciting, progressive and fascinating place to visit. The city with such a turbulent history became one of the most liberal European capitals. From its excellent museums, forward-thinking design, and combination of traditional and modern architecture, Berlin is a fantastic place to visit.

Amsterdam 3 Day Itinerary

Amsterdam 3 day itinerary

Are you looking for Amsterdam 3 day itinerary? The Dutch capital is a great place to visit, with many exciting things to do. From its fascinating history to some of the best museums in Europe and sites you shouldn’t miss in Amsterdam, you’ll find everything you need for planning your perfect three days in Amsterdam.

Most Beautiful Museum Cafes in Europe

Most beautfiul museum cafes

What are the most beautiful museum cafes in Europe? Museum cafes are great places to relax a bit during your museum visit. They provide a lovely place to observe all the artworks you saw and to gain some new energy for exploring a museum further. However, often they are pieces of art themselves. Their fantastic decor and special atmosphere often made them unique and inspirational places.