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Things to do in Tournai

Things to do in Tournai

Tournai is a lovely destination anyone interested in culture and history should put on their Belgium bucket list. The town is filled with history, beautiful sites and many excellent museums. However, it’s still an undiscovered gem. Easily reachable from London, Brussels or Amsterdam, here are some great things to do in Tournai that will help you plan your trip to that fantastic destination.

Things to do in Leuven

Things to do in Leuven

Leuven is a small Belgian town located some 30 km from the capital, Brussels. It’s charming, picturesque and still undiscovered by the hordes of tourists. I’ve spent a weekend there recently and completely fell in love with it! So, I’ve compiled here an Ultimate Travel Guide with some tips, tricks and places you shouldn’t miss when in Leuven!

What to see in Mechelen: Mechelen child-friendly weekend guide

What to see in Mechelen

Belgium is one of my favourite weekend destinations, and I often visit towns in Flanders. Its architecture, charming towns, comic books, and Belgian chocolates are just some of the things I love there the most. If you’re wondering about which town to visit in Flanders, consider Mechelen. With its great vibe and many fascinating cultural spots, it’s a great destination to visit. Check out this travel guide with tips about what to see in Mechelen for some inspiration.

Binche Travel Guide: What to see & do in Binche (Belgium)

Binche travel guide

Binche is a small charming town located in the southern part of Belgium. Surrounded by the solid medieval walls, wandering its cobbled streets feels like a trip back to history. Being home to so many interesting historical buildings, lovely museums and one of the most fascinating carnivals in the world, this small Belgian town is definitely worth visiting. However, to help you plan your trip there, I created this Binche travel guide with things to see and do in Binche.

What to see at the Hainaut Province of Belgium

What to see at the Hainaut Province in Belgium

Hainaut Province is located in the southern part of Belgium, in its French-speaking region of Wallonia. It’s home to some of the most famous Belgian comic books, fantastic street art, lovely architecture, fascinating history and numerous cultural spots. If you’re wondering about what to see at the Hainaut Province of Belgium, keep reading.

Belgian Chocolate: The best chocolate shops in Bruges

View on Golden Ages canal in Bruges

Recently, I made a new rule while travelling – I am buying only edible souvenirs. So, you can imagine that now, going to Belgium for me, is a little holiday itself. Each time, I’m back with a bag full of Belgian chocolates (and a few more jogging mornings scheduled in my agenda). In this post, I compiled a short list of the best chocolate shops in Bruges, that will help you find the best Belgian chocolate shops in that charming Flemish town.

The best museums in Brussels (Belgium)

The best museums in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is home to more than eighty museums. From the fine arts ones to museums dedicated to natural history, musical instruments, comic books and many more. When it comes to its museums, Brussels has something for everyone. To help you choose which one to visit during your trip to the Belgian capital, here is a guide to the best museums in Brussels.