Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam Ideas article was first published on Culture Tourist on 1 February 2019, and updated on 6 February 2024.

Do you need some ideas for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam?

With its old-city charm, illuminated bridges and dreamy canals, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in the world. From going on a canal cruise, having dinner at a romantic restaurant, and wandering around its historic neighbourhoods, there are so many romantic things to do in Amsterdam. Read my article for some great Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam ideas.

Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam Ideas

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by In de Waag Restaurant. However, I truly enjoyed our dinner there. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice romantic restaurant in Amsterdam with fantastic food. Of course, as always, all opinions are my own.

Stroll along Amsterdam canals

Walking along the canals during the night when the bridges are illuminated is one of the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam. Those light reflections in water make the whole city sparkle. They are so lovely, that just walking next to Amsterdam’s canals could be enough for a romantic date.

Unsurprisingly, even the unofficial Amsterdam anthem was inspired by them (this is the translation in English that originates from this post here):

To the canals of Amsterdam
I have pledged my whole heart
Amsterdam fills my thoughts
As our country’s most beautiful city

Have a Valentine’s Day dinner at In de Waag Restaurant

After the canal cruise, continue your Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam with a romantic dinner. In de Waag is one of my favourite romantic restaurants in Amsterdam, perfect for a lovely dinner.

Located in one of the oldest buildings in the city, the De Waag building has had so many different roles throughout history. From the city gate, the weight house until it became a home to some of Amsterdam’s historic guilds. Rembrandt van Rijn painted one of his most famous paintings, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, on the top floor of this unique building.

Today, it’s home to a wonderful fine dining restaurant, In de Waag. That historical setting and some 300 candles it’s illuminated with makes it a perfect restaurant for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Amsterdam.

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Valentine’s Day dinner at In de Waag Restaurant Review

Here is my short review to show you what you can expect from a Valentine’s Day dinner at In de Waag. We had a three-course dinner and ordered different dishes to try each other’s food. And it was a good idea because everything was so delicious. When the waiter brought us our starters, he explained what they were made of. And it sounded like poetry to me (hmmm… or was I just in that overly romantic mode?) We started with a North Sea Sole and the Italian dish, Vitello Tonato.

After that, we got our mains. I continued with seafood and had Ballotine of Salmon, and my partner ordered the vegetarian dish, Puffed Beetroot. I loved how they prepared seafood in different ways in my dish. Both the presentation and the taste of our food were terrific. And that beautiful setting with some hearts, decorations and candles on the table made a perfect romantic atmosphere.

I also tried, for the first time, wine made in the Netherlands. It was a red wine called Dornfelder from Thorn in the Limburg area, and it was delicious. Different, but it was good, different. I would definitely try it again.

However, dessert was my favourite part of our Valentine’s Day dinner. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best desserts I have ever had. And it was the first time I wanted to go to the kitchen and compliment the chef. I was too shy to do that, but if that fine gentleman is reading this, thank you for this beautiful dessert.

If you still haven’t decided where to spend your Valentine’s Day dinner in Amsterdam, consider In de Waag. It’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam, and we’re going to spend more of our romantic dinners in Amsterdam there. You can reserve your Valentine’s Day dinner In de Waag on this link.

Explore romantic landmarks in de Wallen neighbourhood of Amsterdam

After a delicious dinner, an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam is to stroll around the old streets of de Wallen. I’m always wondering about the stories behind those canal houses and the people who used to live in them. How many romantic dinners were organised in them? How many love letters were written? Did some of their former residents end up in those canals after learning about the unreturned love?

Bredero’s Lovers

Back on a happier note, during our walk, we stumbled upon one of my favourite statues in Amsterdam. Sculpture of a couple kissing, from one of the plays written by a famous Dutch poet and playwright, Gerbrand Bredero. He lived in this neighbourhood at the beginning of the 17th century, during the same time Rembrandt lived in that area, too.

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Weeping Tower

As we walked past the Geldersekade Canal, we approached another quite romantic sight in Amsterdam – Schreierstoren, better known as the Weeping Tower. The legend says women from Amsterdam would come here to say a final goodbye to their husbands and lowers before they would go on long journeys with their ships. Being true or not, it’s a nice reminder to be grateful for having our loved ones next to us.

Some other romantic Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam ideas

There are many different things to do on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam. If you have the whole day to spend in the city, here are my recommendations for some other romantic things to do in Amsterdam on Valentine’s Day.

Kiss at the Magere Brug

One of Amsterdam’s legends says those kissing at or below the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) will stay together forever. So, while strolling around Amsterdam on Valentine’s Day, be sure to share a kiss at one of the most beautiful bridges in the Dutch capital.

Go to the movies in some of Amsterdam’s historic cinemas

A bit of a Valentine’s Day cliché, but going to the movies could be quite an experience in Amsterdam. Two of the city’s historical cinemas are great places to spend Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam. Located in the Jordaan area, the Movies Amsterdam is the oldest functioning cinema in the city. Another is Tuschinsky, situated in a beautiful Art Deco building built in 1921. Watching a movie there will make you feel as if you stepped back in a Golden Age of Hollywood.

Go on a romantic canal cruise on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

Going on a canal cruise is such a romantic thing to do in Amsterdam. Here is a lovely romantic cruise I once took in Amsterdam. However, if you’re in for something more unusual, you can also check some of the best canal cruises in Amsterdam on this link. Or, if you’re a bit braver, you can rent a boat, get some blankets and warm cocoa and enjoy your own private cruise.

Attend a classical concert on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

Het Kononklijk Concertgebouw organises so many great and exciting musical performances. From some classical pieces to movie-themed shows, it’s a beautiful place for a romantic date in Amsterdam.

Look for the love-related paintings at the Rijksmuseum

Dutch Golden Age paintings are filled with love and romantic scenes, and you’ll find so many of them within the Rijksmuseum highlights. Exploring them on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam will definitely put you in a romantic mood. Seeing how those people loved each other or searching for hidden love symbols in artworks is a great romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam.

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Visit Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam was an essential place for the development of LGBTQ+ rights. The first same-sex marriage was held in Amsterdam, and you can see the rings they used exhibited at the Amsterdam Museum. If you want to celebrate the freedom of love, the Amsterdam Museum is a great place to visit on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam.

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Valentine’s Day presents from Amsterdam

Buy flowers at Amsterdam’s Flower Market

This is also a romantic way to step into Amsterdam’s history a bit. A famous Amsterdam Flower Market has been located on Singel Canal at least since the 17th century. And it’s where Amsterdammers were buying flowers for their loved ones for centuries. Getting some roses or tulips there could be an excellent start to your romantic evening in Amsterdam.

Chocolate from Amsterdam

Could there be a Valentine’s Day without some chocolate? I don’t think so! There are some excellent Dutch chocolate producers and some of their chocolates would make a really nice Valentine’s Day present from Amsterdam. I recommend Tony’s Chocolonely, Puccini Bomboni, Urban Cacao or Van Stapele Koekmakerij, for the best cookies in Amsterdam.

Jewellery from Amsterdam

Jewellery is always a nice romantic present. But, if you’d like to get a Valentine’s Day present inspired by Amsterdam, look for some lovely jewellery inspired by the Dutch capital. One of my favourite jewellery designers is Analogie Jewellery and her collection inspired by Amsterdam. However, if you’d like to look for more local brands, stroll around the Nine Streets and visit some shops there.

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Its charming canals and beautiful architecture make Amsterdam one of the most romantic cities in the world. This blog post should give you plenty of ideas for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam. Would you add any romantic tips for Amsterdam to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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