Joining a guided tour while travelling is one of the best ways to learn about a place you’re visiting. It’s a fun way to find out more about its history and culture, but also about the everyday life of locals. However, sometimes it could be a bit hard to choose the best tour to join. That’s why, as a former tour guide, I compiled this list of the best tours to join in Amsterdam.

Best tours in Amsterdam

I worked as a guide in museums in Amsterdam for the last three years, before I entirely focused on creating content on this blog. During that time, I joined many tours and have met guides leading them. I also did quite some research and looked for the best tours in Amsterdam that will give you a great glimpse into this wonderful city. So here they are, my top recommended tours in Amsterdam.< Read my Ultimate Travel Guide to Amsterdam on a link here

#1 – Small-group Walking Tour in Amsterdam

The best way to get to know the city, especially if you’re visiting it for the first time, is on one of those small-group walking tours. You’ll learn about its history, get introduced to Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods and learn about the symbols of the city.

Amsterdam is one of the cities suffering the most from the over-tourism, so these kind of small-group tours are definitely a good way to explore it.

Price: from 36 euros / Duration: 3 hours
Book your tour on a link here.

#2 – Anne Frank Tour

Anne Frank’s Diary is one of the most famous books of all times. She lived most of her life here, and spent two years in hiding in Amsterdam. On this tour, you can follow in her footsteps, visit some of the places linked to her and learn about this sad part of Dutch history.

Price: from 25 euros / Duration: 2 hours
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#3 – Private Photoshoot in Amsterdam

With its fairytale looking houses, dreamy canals and beautiful bridges, Amsterdam is such a picturesque city. A great way to explore it, while at the same time, creating beautiful memories, is by hiring a private photographer during your visit. You can read more about my private photoshoot in Amsterdam on a link here.

Price: Starting from 100 euros / Duration: Starting from 40 minutes
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#4 – Amsterdam History Tour: The Dutch Golden Age

The most glorious part of Dutch history is its Golden Age. Amsterdam was definitely one of the most important cities in the world during that time. Canal belt with most of the canal houses was built during that time. On this tour, you’re going to discover places that are still showing all the glory of the Dutch Golden Age. This tour is organised by Context Travel, meaning your guide is a local history expert. And their tours are some of the best ones you can join, in my opinion.

Price: from 85 euros / Duration: 3 hours
Book your tour on a link here.

#5 – Self-guided Tour Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Painter Rembrandt van Rijn lived during most of his life in Amsterdam. Places where he created some of his famous paintings, where he lived and worked, could still be found in the Dutch capital. This is the tour I’ve created myself after researching his life and work for the last few years. You’ll only need your phone and a set of headphones to go on this journey into the time of Rembrandt.

Price: 12 euros / Duration: 1,20 hour
Buy your tour on a link here.

Check out my blog post here about the self-guided tour Rembrandt in Amsterdam

#6 – Secret Food Tour in Amsterdam

If you’re more a type of a traveller that loves to explore the new culture through its flavours and food, then this Secret Food Tour could be the right choice for you. Although not the most famous for its food, Dutch cuisine could be quite surprising, too. During the tour, you’re going to visit small local, often family-owned businesses. And try some of the most popular Dutch food.

Price: 84 euros / Duration: 3 hours
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#7 – Jewish History Tour in Amsterdam

Did you know Amsterdam was a diamond-cutting centre before the Second World War? And that some of the most famous people living and working in it were Jewish? Well, you can learn more about that part of the city’s history during this Amsterdam city tour.

Price: from 40 euros / Duration: 2 hours
Book your tour on a link here.

#8 – Van Gogh Museum & Rijksmuseum Tour

This is a perfect tour for all the art enthusiasts visiting Amsterdam. Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are definitely the most important museums in the Netherlands. You can explore them, see their highlights and learn about the famous paintings in them, during this combo tour.

Price: from 169 euros / Duration: 5 – 5,5 hours
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#9 – Street Art Tour in Amsterdam

Street art is definitely the most important art movement of our time. And Amsterdam has some great murals and street art scene, you can discover during this guided tour in Amsterdam.

Price: from 80 euros per group / Duration: 2 hours
Book your tour on a link here.

#10 – Romantic Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

With its dreamy canals, Amsterdam is, without a doubt one of the most romantic cities in the world. You can feel that poetic vibe while wandering its cobbled streets. But the best way to immerse into it is by going on a romantic canal cruise in Amsterdam. It’s also quite special to explore the city from its canals. I went on this tour recently, and it was definitely one of the best tours in Amsterdam I ever joined.

Price: from 39 euros / Duration: 1,5 hours
Book your tour on a link here

Read the blog post I wrote about the Romantic Canal Cruise in Amsterdam here

Amsterdam is such an interesting city, and the best way to explore its history, food scene and the life of some of its famous former residents is definitely on one of these best tours in Amsterdam. Do you have any other tours you would recommend in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments below.

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