Another year is behind us! Well, I am quite satisfied with this one, so I hope that 2017 will be even better. I started my own business, bought an apartment and met some nice people who become a dear friends.

I started to blog more, went on my first blogging conference in London, had first collaboration on it and finished a blogging course which helped me a lot in starting to think of my blog more seriously.

And I traveled a lot! I went on some great trips in 2016! I can’t even decide which one I liked the most. So, I chose 12 photos from the 12 trips I took in the last year (I haven’t realized till now that I actually succeed in taking the #Take12Trips challenge this year. Hurrah!)

#1 – Copenhagen, Denmark

I spent a week in Denmark last spring and was extremely lucky for having the most beautiful seven sunny days while there. I spent most of my time in Copenhagen, which surprised me the most with its beautiful parks and a great gastronomic scene. However, I also visited some places with a great Viking history. Definitely one of my favorites and would definitely love to visit it again!

#2 – Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, the city with more bridges then Venice and Amsterdam together is an architectural gem itself. It surprised me how much of the city is actually on the water, but I also loved the contrasts between old and new, historical and industrial architecture next to each other.

#3 – Texel Island, the Netherlands

I’ve spent a weekend on Texel Island and am definitely planning to repeat it in 2017. I can only describe it as the island of diversities – in one moment you are at the sandy beach, then in the middle of the forest and in the next five minutes you can be on the field surrounded with cows and sheep. Beautiful, beautiful place!

#4 – Istria, Croatia

Istria is definitely my favorite part of Croatia (OK, beside my hometown Zagreb). It has everything: clear blue sea, small medieval towns, a lot of history and culture, great cuisine and a friendly and nice people. I’m spending a few days there almost every summer, but this time we were camping with my sister and her family, so it made it even more special.

#5 – Kaprun, Austria

To be honest I never heard of Kaprun before I visited it last summer. We were driving from Croatia to the Netherlands and wanted to spent a day somewhere in the Alps. I left it completely to Marijan to book something for us. And was I surprised with it! It’s a beautiful small town located in a valley between huge mountains. We were there in August, but there was a lot of snow on the top of the mountains. I would definitely love to come back once in a winter time.

#6 – Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands

Zaanse Schans should be on every single postcard showing the Netherlands! It’s a picturesque village with windmills placed around the lake. It’s also nice that you can visit most of them and see how they work.

#7 – Bruges, Belgium

Town of chocolates, sweet fruit beers, medieval architecture and a great Belgian cuisine. Well, it should be enough to say I visit it twice last year. There are so many things to do in Bruges!

#8 – Trakošćan, Croatia

Trakošćan is a castle in Croatian countryside placed in a middle of the forest next to the beautiful lake. A perfect place for a romantic lazy weekend in a spa hotel just next to the castle.

Before having my son two years ago, I was mostly traveling with Marijan and of course the way we traveled was a way different then traveling with a child. So, when my mom offered to take care of Karlo over the weekend, we were so excited to have a chance of spending the weekend as a grown ups, without waking up with our little early bird at 5:15 AM or looking for a high chair in the restaurant. We just loved it!

#9 – Zagreb, Croatia

I moved to Amsterdam from my hometown Zagreb three years ago. It’s still my favorite city in the world and I am visiting my friends and family there regularly. It is strange to come to your hometown as a tourist, but I’m feeling more and more this way when I’m visiting (maybe that’s why I still haven’t write a blog post about it).

#10 – London, England

I believe you should visit London or Paris each year. They are filled with history and art and both of them are having such a great spirits. I love the politeness of British people so much, so I hope I will visit you in 2017 again, my loves! Especially with announcement from Eurostar who will start to run direct line between Amsterdam and London. Well, I’m planning to be on the first train.

#11 – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was my last trip in 2016 and it was one of those trips for which I will remember this year! It was also one of the first trips on which I was less scared of flying, so I hope I will improve on it in the next year even more! I loved Gaudi’s architecture the most and his Sagrada Familia in particular!

#12 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This wasn’t really a trip, but I’m putting Amsterdam here because I learned so much about it in 2016. I discovered so many new places and I started to look to this city with a new pair of eyes. I am definitely feeling more at home in Amsterdam than ever before.

Well, I am really looking forward to travel to some new and beautiful places in 2017. I will go to Paris, Rome and Croatia in January, so it’s definitely a good start of the year.

What were your favorite trips in 2016? And have you already planned any in the new year?