I’m sharing a bit of a more personal post today with you. Well, I promised you more of those at the beginning of the year. But, then, life happened, and I didn’t really have time to update you with anything.

So, here is a little personal update, with some things I was busy with lately. And with my summer plans.

Last few months were quite busy…

Last few months were quite busy for me. I worked a lot on my blog, products and services around it. And after working hard and having a feeling like there were no results at all, somehow things clicked together a few months ago, and my little blog started generating more income.


It’s still a lot of work, but I had some great collaborations with brands like In De Waag Restaurant in Amsterdam, Exit Fondacija etc. I also went to some great press trips like the one during which I followed the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh or explored Bruges Golden Ages.

The thing I’m the proudest of was an opportunity to speak at the Traverse 19 Conference in Trento, Italy. It felt like I’m finally finding my place in this exciting travel blogging industry.

I was also working a lot on the products for my blog. A few days ago, I launched the Colouring Postcards page on it and created a self-guided tour about Rembrandt’s life in Amsterdam.

I’m going to slow down during the summer months

But, after those few months of hard work and many projects I was busy with, I feel a bit tired. I also feel like I need some sun, beach and quality time with my friends and family.

So, I’ve decided to spend a month and a half in Croatia this summer! I’m going there in mid-July and will be back to Amsterdam at the end of August.

I actually thought about that before, because Karlo is having his school holidays during that time. So, I thought it would be great for the two of us to spend the summer in Croatia.

We’ll be with my family in Zagreb for some time. And are planning to visit some museums while there, go hiking to Sljeme and just enjoy in the city.

Marijan is going to join us for ten days then. And we’ll spend them in my favourite Croatian region of Istria. We have rented a bungalow at a campsite near the town of Pula. My sister is going to be there and some of our friends from the Netherlands, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to it!

After that, Marijan will have to go back to the Netherlands. But, Karlo and I will go to another city, I love, to Rovinj. My mum is going to join us there, and we’ll spend a week together.

We’ll go back to Zagreb after that. I’m probably going to celebrate my birthday there, as well. And will probably just take it easy until we travel back to the Netherlands at the end of August.

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to some swimming, reading books at the beach and drinking Istrian Malvasia wine.

Working online

I won’t be only relaxing at that time. I’m actually planning on working during my time in Zagreb.

When Karlo started school, I slowed down with my museum tours, so I could focus more on my blog and products there. I hoped I’ll be able to be more flexible with my working hours that way. And also, with a location from which I’m working.

And am really happy I’m finally coming to that place with my business, to be able to work online from wherever I want. I mean, I still have to be in Amsterdam most of my time. But it’s a great first step to be able to spend the summer in another country and work remotely during that time.

I’m inquisitive to see how it will go.

So, these are my summer plans… What are you up to this summer? Are you planning to travel somewhere? Share with me in the comments below!