Learn & Have fun while travelling

With Culture Tourist Colouring Postcards

Here in the Culture Tourist, we’re all about combining art and travel together.

About getting the right experiences when you’re travelling, learning about local art and culture. And having some fun while doing that.

That’s why I started creating these colouring postcards…

The part that’s quite important for me when travelling is getting the right souvenir back home with me. Something that’s locally produced, with a meaning and a connection with a destination.

That’s why I started designing these colouring postcards. So you can learn about the local tradition and culture through a nice souvenir. The one you can send to your friends and family later on. Or just keep it for yourself.

De Waag building in Amsterdam

Educational souvenir

I’m doing quite some research before designing each one of the sets of my colouring postcards. My goal is to show you some famous architecture, parts of the destination’s history or its symbols on every single one of them.

These postcards are your snapshots of knowledge and information while exploring the city. And being presented in the form of little drawings, they are making learning about them really fun and enjoyable.

You’re participating in creating it

However, I also have an idea that in order to have a perfect souvenir, you should participate in creating it, as well. That’s why my postcards could be coloured. You can choose the colours you like and create your perfect colour combination.

*Should I even mention these are especially popular among the families travelling? Kids are having a lot of fun colouring them. And learning about a destination, that way.

This is a good quality product

This is not a cheap mass souvenir. With the climate change and all the over-tourism problems we’re facing lately, I wanted to create a souvenir for responsible travellers.

That’s why all of my colouring postcards are:

  • Designed & hand-drawn by me
  • Printed on a beautiful, high-quality paper
  • Printed in a local printing company in the Netherlands

I’m continually trying to improve the design. And go as green as possible in a way I’m producing them.

Colouring Postcards Sets

1/ Dutch Symbols

This is my most popular set of colouring postcards. The Netherlands is famous for different things. Its Golden Ages, windmills, cycling culture etc. I’ve created ten postcards on which you can find some of those symbols.

*Would you like to learn more? Read my blog post about them here!

*Would you like to buy a set of colouring postcards ‘Dutch Symbols’? Visit my WEB SHOP

2/ Greetings from London

Smaller, five postcards set dedicated to some of the fantastic London’s architecture. Each of the postcards has some details about the construction or interesting facts about those buildings written on them.

*Would you like to learn more? Read my blog post about them here!

*Would you like to buy a set of colouring postcards ‘Greetings from London’? Visit my WEB SHOP

3/ Rembrandt in Amsterdam

One of the most famous Dutch painters, Rembrandt van Rijn lived most of his life in Amsterdam. Many places related to him could still be found around the city. In this set of seven colouring postcards, you can find drawings of some of them.

*Would you like to learn more? Read my blog post about them here!

*Would you like to buy a set of colouring postcards ‘Rembrandt in Amsterdam’? Visit my WEB SHOP

Is this something for you?

If a meaningful, good quality, locally produced souvenir is something you’re looking for, than these colouring postcards are the right choice for you. Get in touch if you have any more questions. Or order your set today!

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Need some more convincing?

Here is what some of my customers are saying about them:

I purchased a pack of Tea’s postcards and they were an instant hit with my 6 and 2 year old. We each have them an equal amount and it was so cool them remembering the sites we saw / would see, coloring them in, and deciding which member of the family would get which. These are a great alternative to keep little hands occupied during travel instead of screen time! Wish there were these for every city, since we are avid travelers.

Natalie & Simon –

The Culture Tourist’s colouring postcards are the perfect combination of special and surprising.  They made lovely, heartfelt greetings for the holidays and my daughter and I also enjoyed colouring them in before sending them off.  They are a treat for everyone!

Lara –