With numerous festive events, Christmas trees, decorations, and that lovely, cosy feeling, December is my favourite month of the year. A big reason for this is Christmas markets. Since I love visiting them, I did some research again this year and looked for the Christmas markets organised in the Netherlands in 2023. I first compiled this list seven years ago and updated it yearly. So, if you would like to visit some Christmas markets in the Netherlands, here is your complete guide through the Dutch Christmas markets.

Christmas markets in the Netherlands – with 2023 agenda

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Numerous festive events will be organised during December 2023 in the Netherlands. From the vintage Christmas market that will transfer you back to the beginning of the 20th century to some located in castles or underground caves. There is an ice skating rink in almost every Dutch town, with many Christmas concerts, Santa’s visits and shopping opportunities for some lovely Christmas presents.

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Christmas Markets in Amsterdam 2023

More and more things are organised each year during the winter months in Amsterdam. Although many events were cancelled during the pandemic years, numerous Christmas markets will be organised again in the Netherlands in 2023.

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Winter Pure Markt 2023

Date: 17 December 2023

The Christmas edition of the Pure Markt will be held on Sunday, 17 December, at Park Frankendael. Stalls will be there between 11 am and 5 pm. You can expect excellent food from around the world, homemade jams and other yummy dishes. You’ll find some clothes, jewellery and toys there, as well. For more info about Winter Pure Markt, take a look here!

Amsterdam Light Festival 2023

Dates: 30 November 2023 – 21 January 2024

The twelve edition of ALF takes place between 30 November 2023 and 21 January 2024, under the name ‘Loading… Revealing Art, AI and Tech’. It’s a beautiful festival celebrating the art of light with numerous art installations made by international artists displayed alongside the route. I visit the Light Festival in Amsterdam almost every year and strongly recommend it!

The best way to see it is on one of the special canal cruise boats following the Light Festival route. Book your tickets in advance on this link. It’s a round-trip tour starting and finishing at the Central Station.

You can also walk alongside the route to see the light installations. However, I recommend exploring them on one of the boat cruises.

No ICE Amsterdam in 2023

With its cosy Christmas setting, ICE Amsterdam was one of the most beautiful places each December in Amsterdam. It’s located at Museumplein, surrounded by some of the best museums in Amsterdam, like Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or Moco Museum. It was also home to one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful ice skating rinks. After a museum visit and some ice skating, you could warm yourself up with some mulled wine or a hot chocolate in a café next to the rink.

However, in 2023, there will be no ice skating rink on Museumplein due to permit issues. I hope it will be back in 2024!

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Sinterklaas Market 2023

Date: 3 December 2023

On Sunday, 3 December 2023, Sinterklaas and Pieten will visit the Sunday Market at Westergas. Local designers will prepare the nicest Sinterklaas gifts for you to purchase at the market. The organisers will also collect the new toys you don’t need for kids in need. There will also be many theatre performances, face painting and other fun activities for families.

Funky Xmas Market 2023

Date: 17 December 2023

A unique Christmas market is organised each year in Amsterdam. It’s a special edition of Sunday Market that takes place under the name Funky Xmas Market. It will be organised at Westergasfabriek on Sunday, 17 December 2023. For more info about Funky Xmas Market, take a look here!

Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs 2023

Dates: 14 – 30 December 2023

RAI in Amsterdam will be transformed into a real winter fairytale during the last two weeks of this year. With some real snow and a winter landscape, it will become one of the most fun places for Christmas activities in Amsterdam. It will also become the home of the Netherlands’ largest ice skating rink. Besides some music events and winter activities, it will also host a Ferris wheel from which you could enjoy a fantastic view of Amsterdam. For more info and tickets, take a look here.

Winter Village in Amstelveen

Dates: 2 December 2023 – 7 January 2024

Located next to the Stadshart shopping mall, the Christmas market in Amstelveen is organised between 2 December 2023 and 7 January 2024. For more info about Winter Village in Amstelveen, take a look here.

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Christmas Market in Maastricht 2023

Maastricht Christmas Market 2023

Dates: 30 November – 31 December 2023

The biggest Christmas market in the Netherlands, and my absolute favourite, takes place between 30 November and 31 December 2023. The main square in the charming Dutch town of Maastricht is becoming a Christmas village for the whole month of December. It will be home to an ice skating rink, many Christmas stalls and nicely decorated small restaurants and cafés. You can check the complete Maastricht Christmas market agenda on this link.

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Christmas Market in Valkenburg 2023

Christmas Town Valkenburg 2023

Dates: 17 November – 30 December 2023

Very close to Maastricht, another Dutch Christmas gem is located – Europe’s largest underground Christmas market. Held between 17 November and 30 December 2023, it’s one of the most popular Christmas markets in the Netherlands. It was awarded the European Best Christmas Market in 2020. So it’s a Christmas Market in the Netherlands that shouldn’t be missed! For more info about Christmas Town Valkenburg, take a look here!

Christmas Market in Gouda 2023

Gouda bij Kaarslicht & Winter Marckt 2023

Dates: 11 & 15 December 2023

One of the most beautiful Dutch Christmas Markets will occur again this year on 15 December 2023. During it, different events take place in the historical centre of Gouda. From musical performances to guided tours and workshops. However, the most fascinating event is Gouda bij Kaarslicht, when the main square in Gouda is lit only by candles.

This Dutch town will also be home to the Winter Marckt, organised a week before, on 11 December 2023. Here is the link with more info about that lovely Dutch Christmas market.

Christmas Market in Den Haag 2023

Royal Christmas Fair 2023

Dates: 7 – 23 December 2023

Being home to the Dutch Royal family, it comes as no surprise Den Haag is organising the Royal Christmas Fair. You can visit it between 7 and 23 December 2023 at the Lange Vijverberg. The city centre will become home to over one hundred Christmas stalls, beautiful decorations, a children’s Christmas fair and a fantastic cultural program. For more info about the Royal Christmas Fair, take a look here.

Christmas Market in Deventer

Dickens Festival

Dates: 16 & 17 December 2023

This is a special festive event with characters from Charles Dickens’ books, like Oliver Twist or Mr. Pickwick. Christmas spirit will be spread throughout the town with a Christmas market on the main square and different choirs performing Christmas songs. The Dickens Festival will be held on 16 and 17 December in the Dutch town of Deventer. For more info about the Dickens Festival, take a look here.

Christmas Market in Haarlem

Christmas Market Haarlem

Dates: 8 – 10 December 2023

One of my favourite Christmas markets in the Netherlands is located on the main square, Grote Markt, in Haarlem and the shopping streets around it between 8 and 10 December 2023. Check out this link for more info about the Christmas Market in Haarlem. Watch the video above from Haarlem’s official website that will show you some of the atmosphere from one of the previous years.

Christmas Market in Zwolle

Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival

Dates: 16 December 2023 – 25 February 2024

Europe’s largest ice sculpture exhibition will be held between 16 December 2023 and 25 February 2024 at IJsselhallen in Zwolle. Over one hundred ice sculptures will be exhibited. This year’s theme is ‘Myths and Legends’, and there are going to be some special events organised there during the Christmas holidays. For more info about Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival, take a look here.

Christmas Market in Rotterdam 2023

Winter Fair at Ahoy 2023

Dates: 14 – 17 December 2023

Rotterdam doesn’t have a typical Christmas Market, but instead an event, the Winter Fair at Ahoy. Located at an indoor venue, it has numerous stalls selling Christmas decorations, different goods, food and drink. It’s a great place to visit with families because of many kids’ activities, including a Santa’s visit.

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Christmas Market in Alkmaar

Christmas events in Alkmaar

Dates: 14 – 29 December 2023

Alkmaar will be home to many festive events this December. The annual Christmas Market in Alkmaar will occur on 14 and 15 December on Waagplein. Delicious food, Christmas decorations or performances of a special Christmas choir are just some of the things you could find there. A popular Winter Shopping in the City event will be held on 21 December 2023. While the Winter Caravan is scheduled for 22, 24, 27, 28 and 29 December.

With so many fun things to do during the festive season in Alkmaar, be sure to visit it this December. Check out this link for more info.

Christmas Market in Dordrecht

Christmas Market in Dordrecht

Dates: 10 – 12 December 2023

Dordrecht is home to one of the largest Christmas markets in the Netherlands. And it’s partly located in the town’s port, as well. It is a three-day event, organised between 10 and 12 December. For more info about Dordrecht Christmas Market, take a look here. You can get a piece of the atmosphere in their official video above.

Christmas in Archeon 2022

Archeon Winter Events 2022

Dates: November 19th 2022 – January 8th 2023

One of my favourite places in the Netherlands to get yourself in a Christmas mood is Archeon. It has a lovely Christmas spirit with a sense of history. Archeon hosts many events and festivities this winter between 18 November and 7 January. From the City of Sinterklaas, Midwinter Fair, Celebrate Winter, Christmas Brunch to ice skating. And all of that in a beautiful historical setting. For more info about winter events in Archeon, take a look here.

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Christmas Market in Groningen


Dates: 15 – 17 December 2023

On the last weekend before Christmas, 15 – 17 December 2023, a special event will be organised in Groningen. Old charter ships will fill in the canal there and will be open to visitors. There will be many activities organised, together with a Christmas market, exhibitions and concerts. For more info about Winter WelVaart in Groningen, take a look here.

After a few slower years, numerous Dutch Christmas Markets are back this year again. This guide through the Christmas markets in the Netherlands with the 2023 agenda will make it easier for you to find some you would like to visit.

Are you planning to visit any Christmas markets in the Netherlands this year? What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!