Paris is one of my favourite cities! And I’m lucky enough to live only 3 hours by train from it. That’s why I’m there quite often.

So, I already have my favourite places there. My favourite café, restaurant, museum and some of the shops, too. So whenever I’m there I’m visiting some of that places and am always coming back home with these five of my favourite souvenirs from Paris.

My 5 favourite souvenirs from Paris

# 1 – Macarons

A delicious little French cookies are today famous all around the world. I already wrote about them and how they become so popular. There are more then a few great places where you can buy them in Paris.

I can’t really pick between the two of my favourite, so here are both of them:

Pierre Hermé – Often though to be the best macarons store in Paris, today you can find their stores all around the world, even on line. My favourite flavour there is a passion fruit, although pistachio follows it very very closely. My favourite store in Paris is the one in Saint-Germain des Prés neighbourhood, just next to the Saint-Germain Church.

Ladurée – The other beautiful place to have some macarons in Paris is Ladurée. I especially love their cute themed boxes. You can choose the size and the design of your box and fill it in with your favourite macarons. My favourite shop in Paris is the one close to Louvre Museum, on the Rue de Castiglione.

# 2 – Book about Paris

The city of light was a source of inspiration to so many artists, painters and writers. I always love to bring back home with me a piece of the Parisian atmosphere, through the words of some of the very famous writers who lived there.

Shakespeare & Company book store has a great choice of books about Paris in English. You can find them on the left hand side once you’ll enter the book store. I bought Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Movable Feast’ when I was there the last time. The book is a collection of memories from his life in Paris between the two world wars. He’s even mentioning the Shakespeare & Company book store in it.

# 3 – Something artistic

Paris is known as a city of art and its museum shops are a great place to look for some artistic souvenirs. I always love to buy reproductions of some of the Impressionists’ drawings and paintings there.

However, on my last visit I went to the Merci‘ concept store and have founded some very lovely Paris inspired things, too.

I’ve bought a map of France which can be coloured and very cute postcards with a comic book style drawings of some symbols of the country and the city. I just loved their interpretation of some common souvenirs from Paris.

# 4 – French food

OK, I admit it! I could go to Paris only to enjoy in French cuisine for a few days. I love everything there, from baguettes, croissants, wine to that smelly cheese. That’s why I’m always coming with a half empty suitcase to Paris. So I can fill it in with all that beautiful food.

My advice here is: go where the locals are buying their food! Pay a visit to a supermarket and by yourself some cheese, spices, wine and sweets. Yummy!

# 5 – Cosmetics

I already wrote a blog post about buying the cosmetics in Paris and have shared with you some of my favourite places to buy it there. Well, If you love cosmetics, then you should definitely visit some of the cosmetics stores while there. Some of the rare fragrances that can only be bought there, could be some of the best souvenirs from Paris.

So, these are mine favourite souvenirs from Paris. I’m never coming back home from it without at least one of them.

What are some of your favourite souvenirs from Paris? Share with us in comments below!