One of the advantages of travelling is having access to different brands and local products.

Of course, with the world becoming a global village and an on line shopping being more and more popular, you can easily get those products delivered to your home, as well! But, there is something special in visiting cosmetic stores, finding some local brands you’ve never heard of before and smelling the new season’s fragrances.

And it’s even more special if all that’s happening in Paris!

Why should you buy cosmetics when in Paris

Paris has always been a center of fashion, beauty and those worldwide known brands like Dior, Channel or Givenchy. Accordingly, they have a wider range of their products there and some of the special edition products that can be bought in Parisian cosmetic stores only.

And although it may come with a surprise, the fact is that many French brands are much cheaper in France. That’s why I always have an extra budget for cosmetics when in Paris.

My favourite buys


Sephora is one pretty awesome store with a great choice of their own products, but also brands that can not be found in many other places.

A huge Sephora store on Champs-Élysées was usually my favourite place to go but lately, it just became so crowded and, well, I have to say it, touristic. Luckily, they have many stores around Paris which have a wide choice and are not as crowded. During my last visit to Paris, I’ve found the one next to the La Fayette department store and really liked it.

*Address: 21-23 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

# – Makeup brushes

In Sephora, I especially love those cute travel size products. So, the last time I was there I bought some makeup brushes, which are so handy when I’m travelling. They would fit even into the smallest cosmetic bag.

# – Eyeshadow palette

It’s also nice to have more options with your makeup when you’re travelling. Something lighter for a day and something nicer for the evening. Well, that eyeshadow palette was a great catch for me and I love having it with me when I travel. It’s compact so I have all the eyeshadows in one place and the quality is just perfect!

French cosmetic brands

# – Avene

I’m using Avene products for my facial care already for years now! And am always surprised that they are almost a 50 % cheaper in France than in the Netherlands and the other European countries. So, whenever I’m there I’m buying a whole bunch of them.

Local pharmacies are the best place to look for Avene products, and although they are on every corner in Paris, since I’m usually staying in the Saint-Germain neighbourhood I have my favourite place to go there (#feelingalmostlikealocal).

*Address: Pharmacie Bader, 10-12 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France

# – Nuxe

The other French brand I’m completely in love with is Nuxe. Their Huile Prodigieuse oil smells so divine I can’t think of something more perfect. Their products are also around 50 % cheaper in France, so leave some extra space in your suitcase for them too! I’m buying them in pharmacies there as well!

*Address: Pharmacie Bader, 10-12 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France

Cosmetics and makeup are my absolutely favourite souvenirs from Paris! And since I strongly believe we should always buy local products as souvenirs when travelling, I can’t really think of a better thing than paying a visit to a cosmetic store when in Paris!

OK, and to buy some macarons on the way there!