Welcome to day 18 of Culture Tourist Art Blogmas. Today, we’re hosting a beautiful painting made by Walter Moras – Sledding on a Sunny Day.

Art Blogmas 2022

Walter Moras (1856 – 1925) was a German painter who specialised in landscape painting and created many winter scenes. Although his style was realistic, the influence of Impressionist painters could be felt in his work.

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Walter Moras: Sledding on a Sunny Day

The painting we’re hosting in our Art Blogmas today is a lovely winter scene. Although it contains certain melancholia, it has some of the brightest atmospheres from all the winter paintings we’ve hosted in our Art Blogmas until now.

Everything is covered with snow, but this is not one of those grey sombre winter days. Quite the opposite, there is a lot of blue in the snow (instead of grey, as in many paintings we saw before). We can also see the sunshine and feel the brightness of the day. Moras painted one of those beautiful winter days you want to spend outside.

Children are playing and enjoying winter activities. The detail of two boys sledging brings movement in this rather still winter landscape.

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In contrast with some Impressionist painters, Moras paints the snow in a Realistic style. You can see the difference if you compare how he painted the snow with some of the previous artworks made by Monet or Renoir.

He doesn’t use brush strokes of different colours to show the snow. More traditionally, Moras uses light and shadow to create a lovely winter scene.

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