Art is something that calms me down. It’s almost like a time machine that brings me to a different time or place. I love visiting museums and get my weekly dose of art inspiration that way. But, what to do when you can’t visit the museums or join some of the art workshops in person? Well, here are some ideas that will help you to be more creative and artistic at home.

Some ideas to help you be more creative & artistic at home

Although we are currently facing some challenging times, a good thing about it is that many of us are given some extra free time. And it could be great to use it to boost your creativity, and both enjoy and create some art.

I’ve combined here different art techniques you can try yourself. Together with the ways to enjoy in some traditional art and boost your creative inspiration. And have also included links to online shops where you can get a painting material if you don’t have it at home.

1/ Calligraphy

Ever since I first attended one of the Calligraphy Workshops organised in Amsterdam, I fell in love with this incredible skill of beautiful writing. It calms me down in an entirely different way than painting or drawing.

There is something so magical in the smell of fresh ink and paper. And while focusing on writing some beautiful letters, I feel like I’m travelling back in time to the Middle Ages. It’s definitely a great way to be more creative and artistic at home.

Material you need: Click here for the set of nibs, calligraphy paper and an ink.

TIP: During the last few weeks, Manon from Oh Pretty Paper is creating videos and sharing calligraphy tips on her Instagram page. Take a look for some inspiration.

2/ Water colouring

Water colouring is one of the hardest painting techniques. But, could there be a better time to improve your skill than now when we’re spending so much time at home?

I have a small watercolours box and only one brush, but it’s definitely enough for some simple artworks. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board here.

Material you need: Click here for the watercolours paper & watercolours set.

TIP: To boost your creativity even more when at home, listen to some nice music while creating your art. Find the music that relaxes you and create a lovely atmosphere for your art time at home.

3/ Markers

Markers are quite nice and easy to work with, because you mostly already have them at home. Although they are mostly reserved for kids,  they are actually quite lovely to work with. I love them because they are not a ‘dirty technique’ and you don’t need much time to prepare your painting material. You also don’t need much space to work with them.

Because of their bright colours, they could be great for letter writing or creating some simple drawings. I love to use them when I’m working with textures, like I did on that drawing above.

Material you need: Here are my favourite markers to work with.

4/ Colouring

If you don’t feel like drawing or painting, then maybe colouring could be the right choice for you. There are many free printable colouring books (Pinterest is my favourite source for them) to choose from. You can find all the different subjects from travel, floral motives to completely abstract illustrations.

Material you need: crayons, markers or a mixed set.

5/ Create your own exhibition space

That’s one of my favourite things to do!

Especially right now when we are spending so much time at home and can’t go to museums. Find a nice place at your house that’s going to become your exhibition corner and curate some of your work there. It can be a shelf or a top of your fireplace.

Exhibiting your work, even only for yourself, will make you appreciate it and enjoy it even more. It will also make your home, where you’re spending so much time right now, much more cosy and beautiful.

And what when you start lacking the inspiration?

If you’re anything like me and are getting your dose of art through your regular museum visits, this could be a tough time. However, there are some ways to bring more art to your home and enjoy it from your living room.

6/ Look for an art inspiration on Instagram

Some wonderful artists are sharing their work and creative process videos online. And Instagram seems to be the best platform to follow some of them.

Aafke from CurlySketches is doing live stream videos lately where she’s giving some inspiration and tips that will inspire you to be more creative and artistic at home.

I also love vibrant work of Slovenian artist Alja Horvat. She could be an excellent inspiration for some texture work.

And, if you’re looking for some great colourful energy then take a look at work of Alina from GiantPansy.

All of these Instagram accounts could be a great source of ideas and inspiration to be more creative and artistic at home. Or, you can support them, purchase some art from these lovely artists and really bring some art to your home that way.

7/ Virtual museum visits

If you’d also like to look at some traditional art, then perhaps a virtual museum visit could be a great thing to do. During the last month, many museums around the world have made their art available online. And it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy in their collections.

I’ve also given my share to it and have created some virtual museum visits, each consisting of just a few paintings. And some interesting stories and facts behind them. You can check all of them below:

8/ Flemish masters private museum tours

Some museums in Flanders went a step further and have organised private virtual museum tours you can enjoy from your living room. The other day, I watched an amazing virtual tour around ‘Jan van Eyck & An Optical Revolution’ exhibition at MSK in Ghent, and it was almost as I was there all over again.

They are planning to do more of those museum tours on the following Wednesdays. Follow the Flemish Masters Facebook Page to stay updated.

9/ Read some art books

If you’re already a bit fed up by being online so much, a lovely way to get some art inspiration while at home, could be by browsing through some art books. I love to make a nice warm cup of coffee and just enjoy in some lovely art that way.

There are so many ways to get more creative and artistic when at home. And we have a great chance now to enjoy in some art that is still accessible to us. Do you have any other tips to experience art while at home? Share them with me in the comments below!

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