It’s day 12 of Culture Tourist Art Blogmas today. And I’m sharing another work of Claude Monet with you – his Snow at Argenteuil.

Art Blogmas 2020

We’re exploring winter landscapes together for the last twelve days already. And it’s so amazing to see how artists are depicting the same motif of the white snow and winter in such different ways. Today’s painting is showing that well, too.

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Claude Monet: Snow at Argenteuil

If you’d compare painting from yesterday’s Art Blogmas with one we’re hosting here today, they look so different. But, not only Renoir and Monet are painting the same topic – winter landscape. They are also painting them in the same style.

On his Snow at Argenteuil, Claude Monet is using soft shades of pastel blue and purple, making this painting so delicate. With his brushstrokes of blue, purple and peach he’s creating a texture of soft snow. One can almost hear the squeaky sound of passers-by walking through the deep snow.

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But, he’s not stopping with the brilliant texture usage there. With the fine lines and the way he’s pulling the brush, we can feel the wind current and the movement of the thin layer of clouds.

Renoir painted people on the painting we saw in the Art Blogmas yesterday almost as the black shadows on the white background of snow. In contrast with that, Monet’s people are as soft as the pastel background on which he’s placing them. Giving the whole painting in that way, almost a dreamy glow.

With all of that, Claude Monet’s Snow at Argenteuil is a lovely representative of the Impressionist winter landscape.

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