It’s day 21 of our Culture Tourist Art Blogmas today. And I’m sharing a painting called Snow at Bruges, made by Belgian painter Georges Lebacq.

Art Blogmas 2022

Georges Lebacq (1876 – 1950) was an Impressionist and post-Impressionist painter who lived and worked in Belgium. He made the painting we’re hosting today, Snow at Bruges, in 1910.

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Georges Lebacq: Snow at Bruges

I chose this painting for our Art Blogmas today because it looks so different from what we would expect from a picture named Snow at Bruges. That Flemish town is famous for its picturesque architecture and gabled houses.

However, in Lebacq’s painting, it looks rather industrial. And although we can’t recognise Bruges’ architecture in the shapes of its buildings, typical colours of Flemish houses are present in the painting.

The painter is much more interested in the snow, its texture and how it changes the cityscape than in Bruges itself.

Similar to the work of some of the Impressionist painters, Georges Lebacq plays with different kinds of textures in his painting. In the sky, he uses shorter brush strokes to show soft clouds. But, when he’s painting the snow covering the building roofs, he’s following their shape with brushstrokes.

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