In the day 14 of our Art Blogmas, I’m bringing you the work of one, perhaps not-so-well-known painter, Anton Genberg and his lovely painting – Afternoon Mood.

Art Blogmas 2020

Anton Genberg (1862 – 1939) was the Swedish painter, mostly creating his artwork in the Naturalist style. When you see today’s painting, it will come with no surprise he mostly painted mountain landscapes.

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Anton Genberg: Afternoon Mood

As with many paintings we hosted in this year’s Art Blogmas, the most fascinating part of this one is the snow itself. Genberg used different shades of grey to show the texture of the snow.

From the lighter shade of grey, that’s almost white, in the foreground, to the dark grey colour used to show the layer of snow covering the mountains in the background. The painter is also using distinctive brush strokes to show the texture and the sledges marks in the snow.

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He’s also using the texture to show the clouds. However, in that part of the painting, he’s applying more of a yellow colour, showing the sunshine behind the clouds.

The architecture and the vivid yellow and red colour of the houses, shows we’re somewhere in Scandinavia.

This beautiful winter landscape is so different from the Impressionist artists who showed France on their paintings. It’s fascinating how, with specific colour shades and textures, those painters managed to represent particular countries.

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