A few weeks ago, a friend of mine borrowed me a book ‘The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well’. And I read it in a day! I realised I’m already doing many things suggested in it. But, I also created some kind of hygge while travelling without even realising. So, I thought of sharing here some ideas of how to hygge while travelling with you.

How to hygge while travelling

When I was younger and travelled with a smaller budget, my whole days were packed with things to do and see. And a hotel would be just a place where I would crash in the evening. However, now when I got older and wiser, that changed a lot. And I started to look at travelling not only as exploring new destinations but also as a chance to relax.

Best trips to hygge while travelling

As I mentioned before, hygge while travelling wasn’t on the top of the list of my priorities when planning trips. I actually started to appreciate it more after I got a kid. Travelling with a small child could be great, but let’s be honest, at the end of the day, you’ll be tired. And on the top of that, you can’t spend your evenings out, because these little cuties are going to bed early.

Well, this is when I started to get an idea about hygge while travelling for the first time. Although I didn’t know, Danes already gave it a name. I thought of it more as relaxing and trying to have more tranquil and peaceful evenings at a hotel.

You can basically always hygge while travelling, but I found it to work the best during the weekend trips. Sometimes you just need a short break from your daily routine, and weekends away are perfect for it. It could also work during longer trips, but you’ll just need to plan things a bit in advance.

We had a great hygge while travelling during our recent three days at Lake Como in Italy. And it was mostly due to the great accommodation with a beautiful lake view. It just called for a relaxed chat and a glass of wine in the evening.

But, let’s go to the hygge while travelling checklist and talk more about the things you’ll need for it there.

Hygge while travelling checklist

To make my trips as relaxing as possible, I developed some routines that are helping me to hygge while travelling more. Of course, we are all different, so maybe something else will be more relaxing for you. However, this checklist is just to give you some inspiration on how to hygge while travelling.

1/ Choose hyggelig hotel

You remember a younger version of me from the beginning of this blog post? Well, younger me would book the cheapest hotel, just sleep over there, and leave it early in a morning. Now, I’m not doing that anymore. Staying in a nice, clean and spacious hotel became quite important to me. Also, staying in a hotel with certain amenities that are making my stay more pleasant.

You remember it’s all about feeling relaxed and comfortable. And if you’d like to have more hygge while travelling, than choosing the right hotel is definitely one of the most important things.

Some things I’m definitely focusing on when choosing a hotel are:

  • Having an additional small room or at least a bit separated part for my son to sleep at (so we can stay awake longer in the evening)
  • Spacious room or apartment with preferably a small sitting area
  • Amenities like a bath, mini-fridge or water heater are definitely a plus
  • Balcony or a beautiful view

In short, if you’d like to have more hygge while travelling, choose a nice hotel in which you’d like to spend more time. And then, come back to your hotel early, so you can spend the whole evening there.

2/ Adjust the lights

Although the candles are a symbol of hygge movement, I won’t use them when travelling. And in many hotel rooms, it’s not allowed to light any candles anyway.

However, an excellent way to still hygge while travelling is to use the lights you have in your hotel room wisely. Often you’ll have many smaller lamps, and you can use them to make a pleasant atmosphere. Soft lights could be as hygge as candles.

3/ Pillows, pillows, you need a lot of pillows

To get as much as you can in a hygge mood, you should focus on all of your senses. And tactile is the one we’re usually forgetting. When in your hotel room creating that hygge feel – use the pillows. Usually, you’ll have a bunch of them on your bed, and often some extras in a closet. Use all of them and put them in a sitting area or on your bed for a perfect hygge while travelling mood.

4/ Take a bath

If you can, get a hotel room with a bath in it. It’s so relaxing to take a bath after the whole day of walking and sightseeing. You can even bring a mini version of your favourite shower gel with you. Or that gorgeous body lotion you love.

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5/ Make your room smell beautiful

Talking about focusing on all the senses, a lovely smell could trigger some sweet memories or make us feel at home. I really like the scent of Nuxe oils, and am often taking a small bottle of it with me when travelling. Take a bath or a shower and put some scented oil or body lotion and enjoy its lovely smell.

6/ Bring comfy clothes

One thing I usually forget to bring with me while travelling is comfortable clothes to wear when in a hotel room. It looks like such an unimportant thing to pack, but it makes such a big difference. It can be your favourite cotton pyjamas, cute leggings, thick socks etc. It’s important you feel comfortable and hyggelig while wearing it.

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7/ Make yourself a nice cup of tea or get a glass of wine

OK, so you’ve made your hotel room hygge, you took a bath, and put some body lotion or oil. Now it’s time to start enjoying your evening. Make yourself a nice cup of tea. Or enjoy a glass of wine.

And that leads us to my next hygge while travelling tip.

8/ Treat yourself with some local delicacies

This is something you should plan a bit in advance, while still wandering around and exploring a destination you travelled to. Buy some local food or a little snack and a dessert to have at your hotel room in the evening.

I love eating cheese in Paris or chocolate when in Belgium… Well, you get my point.

It will feel like you’re still exploring the city while enjoying a lovely light dinner made of local products.

9/ Turn off the TV

One of the basic rules of hygge is to be present in a moment. And enjoy in embracing a slow lifestyle. So, turn off the TV, and listen to some relaxing music instead. It’s definitely going to feel like time moves slower all of a sudden. And you’ll enjoy even more in your weekend away.

10/ Read a book, a magazine or something about a destination you’re visiting

Reading in the evening is also a great way to hygge while travelling. It can be anything, from a great novel to a nice travel magazine. Or my favourite, an exciting story from a destination you’re visiting. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to visit some unusual sights the next day.

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11/ Or just enjoy a good company

One of my favourite things about travelling is spending more quality time with the people I love. And that includes the long evenings in a hotel room filled with some talking while slowly sipping a nice glass of wine. It’s a definition of hygge if you ask me.

12/ Put some lavender oil to your pillow

And when it’s time to go to sleep, make your bed the cosiest place in a room. You already got my hygge while travelling tip about pillows. But, the thing I like as well is to put a few drops of lavender oil on them. That relaxing smell will make you feel like home, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Hygge while travelling is so crucial for slow travel and enjoying more when in a new destination. Hope some of these tips are going to be inspiring to you, and make your stay more hyggeling during your next trip. Do you have any more hygge suggestions? Share them with me in the comments!