Long flights, overnight trains and the whole days spent on foot are not so flattering to your appearance. That’s why I made a list of some beauty products I can’t travel without that will help you look decent on all those photos you will take.

So, let’s start with the face.

# – Face cream

Our skin needs more care while traveling than usual, and it is especially true when it comes to your face. What we often forget is that while traveling, you are spending a lot of time outside, so you are also exposed a lot to the Sun. That’s why your skin needs some extra protection.

For both of these reasons I’m using Avene Hydrance Optimale Light UV SPF 20 cream which is particulary useful during my summer holidays. So, treat your skin well and it will be thankful to you (and will show it to you in the future).

# – Lip balm

Moisturizing, moisturizing… It’s all about it. You are probably having it with you all the time, so make sure you wouldn’t forget it while traveling neither.

# – Lip stick

So, now, when you did all the moisturizing, it is time to put a little color on. Lip stick always bust how you feel about yourself and you will immediately look fresher. And it looks really good at the photos.

# – Mascara

Do I have to say anything about this one? Good mascara is really the essential product. And while traveling is really important to have the quality one because there is nothing worser than panda look in a middle of the day. My favorite one at the moment is Diorshow Lash Extension Effect Volume mascara.

# – Blush

Similar to mascara, blush will give you this color you need and you will instantly look fresher. And it is probably the most important one for the photos – you wouldn’t look pale and will get that nice healthy look. At the moment I’m using the one from the Dior Spring collection with little roses on it, what makes it extra cute.

Hands are particularly vulnerable while traveling. Cold air and strong wind can make them dry and painful. So moisturizing is also essential here.

# – Hand cream

When it comes to hand creams I’m always going with L’occitane ones. These creams are just wonderful! If your skin is dry it can get even worser while traveling. And it can get super annoying and quite painful as well. What is great about these creams is that they are coming in many sizes, so you can have a big one at home, and a little one in your bag while traveling.

# – Top coat

When you are traveling it’s not so handy to take a lot of nail polishes, nail polish remover and all the equipment you need for your nails to be tidy. If you will be traveling for less than a week than a good idea is to put a nice nail polish with a color that can be blended easily with all the clothes you’ll take with you. But to make it staying longer on your nails you need a top coat.

I was looking for a good top coat for some time, and a few weeks ago I discovered Art Deco’s Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat. I just love it! You can take only this little bottle with you and put it on your nails every few days for the best result.

And last but not least, don’t forget to your foot!

# – Foot cream

If you will be walking a lot, foot cream will be your savior (especially if it happens that you are traveling while pregnant). After the whole day spent on foot, nice foot massage is what you need. I love the Loccitane’s Shea Butter Ultra Rich Foot Cream and am really recommending it. That cream is so good and nice and it smells like lavander so it will be a great little ritual before going to sleep.

This few products shouldn’t take a lot of space in your luggage. But, they will be beneficial at the end. So, put this make up in the morning and enjoy your traveling!!