It’s always a bit weird to look for a hotel in your home town (well, a home town in which you don’t live any more). You don’t really feel like a tourist, but don’t feel like a local any more either. However, I decided to took it as my advantage, use my knowledge as a local and each time I’m in Zagreb, stay in some of the city’s iconic hotels. Of course, by enjoying as a tourist!

So, when during our recent trip to Zagreb, Marijan’s parents offered to babysit Karlo for a few days, we wanted to spend that time somewhere nice, relaxing and a bit romantic. And we picked up a perfect place – Hotel Panorama.

Hotel Panorama

Panorama is one of those hotels where you don’t have to worry about anything. It offers a nice spacious rooms (a bit Art Deco styled ones), a huge parking space (with a rent-a-car service, too), all inclusive food service (that was very delicious) and it has a lovely stuff. I really had a feeling like it became my home-away-from-home while we were there.

And it offers all of that for quite a nice price, too. They’re starting from 65 euros for a classic double room per night.


Hotel Panorama is located on the outskirts of a wider city center, right where more of residential areas are starting. However there are a few tram and bus stops very close to a hotel, from where you can get to the city centre very quickly. You’ll need only a few minutes with a car or some 30 minutes on foot to Zagreb’s very centre.

And although it is maybe a bit of a downside for a one day or a weekend visitors, the hotel is definitely compensating its location that’s not in a very city centre by its view and everything it offers that can’t be found downtown (like a huge parking space or a spacious dinner terrace).

However, I always love staying more in residential areas when I’m travelling because you really get to know a local way of living there. What you can feel in Grazia neighbourhood in Barcelona or in Amsterdam Noord is a real everyday life of those cities. And the same thing is visible in one of the oldest residential neighbourhoods in Zagreb – Trešnjevka, where Hotel Panorama is located.

Hotel with a view

I used to live in Zagreb, so I saw more than a few places with a beautiful city view, but the one in Hotel Panorama is pretty special. It’s actually the highest hotel in Croatia and the view is amazing. I could spend hours looking through that window, guessing where are some of the famous buildings or just by looking to the city lights in the evening. It was so calming!

Hotel with a style

From the outside Panorama looks like a blue modern skyscraper made of glass. But once you enter it, you’ll get a completely different feel.

It’s a classic hotel with a large lobby where you can sit and relax. It has a large reception desk, elegant sofas and paintings showing Zagreb on its walls. It really gives you a bit of that classy feeling when you’re walking around.

Rooms are no different! I loved the elegant combination of wood, golden and ocher tones. I stayed in a double room, which had a large bathroom with a bathtub, toiletries and a hairdryer. There was a large comfy double bed in a room, together with an area for relaxing that consists of a working desk, two chairs, TV and a minibar. One whole wall of the room was reserved for huge windows through which I had a great view on a southern and western part of Zagreb.

That type of room is great for couples or single travellers, although a baby cot would fit in it without a problem, too. And with its large lobby, a spacious dining room and a large square in front of the hotel, it could be a great place for families visiting with little kids, as well.

If I would have to find a downside to it, I would probably say that rooms should be renewed in a close future. A touch of a new shinier wood surface would give them even nicer appearance.

Hotel with a service

People always make a difference. I experienced some of the best services in Croatia and Hotel Panorama was no difference. From the moment I’ve checked in and got a chance to pick up a floor on which I wanted to stay to a waitress serving a dinner who offered us to have a sit at a terrace and thus have more privacy.

It’s great when you can feel that good vibe in a place. And sense that people there enjoy their work and wants to make you feel as their very special guest. I would come back to Hotel Panorama just to feel that way again.

Hotel with a delicious food

Usually I’m not taking a full board when travelling, because I’m always trying to eat in different local restaurants. But, to be completely honest I would do exception each time in case of Hotel Panorama. They are serving buffet breakfast and dinner and the choice of food is really wide. You can choose from vegetarian to the meat or fish meals. Food we had for dinner had that homemade feel and it was just something we needed after the whole day of sightseeing.

What I really liked in breakfast was some very traditional Zagreb food, like fresh cottage cheese or ‘štrukli’ – delicious pastry filled with cottage cheese and sour cream.

Hotel with a Zagreb feel

And this leads us to my favourite part of Hotel Panorama – that Zagreb feel the hotel has. From the paintings showing the sights from a city, to a traditional Zagreb food and a view on the city. It was very cool seeing those buildings during the day around the city and then looking to the same places on the paintings in a hotel. And trying to spot them from above through our window at the end.

It’s definitely something I loved the most!

*A huge thank you to everyone in the Hotel Panorama for making our stay as pleasant and enjoyable. I loved every second of it and will definitely visit again. I was a guest of Hotel Panorama and received it as a complimentary stay. However, as always all opinions are my own.