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Monthly overview: December 2016

PC and coffe on the table

December was festive! It was filled with Christmas markets, cookie baking and Christmas movies. And it started in the best possible way – with a three days in Barcelona. Barcelona I loved everything in Barcelona, architecture, food, people and its spirit! I was mostly amazed with Gaudi’s architecture and Sagrada Familia Church in particular. I am working on the post dedicated to it, so keep an eye on the blog if you don’t want to miss it! Christmas markets I did my research on time this year and compiled the list with the Christmas markets in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I…

Monthly overview: November 2016

Tea trying out VR set

November was all about the London. I went to the World Travel Market for the first time and it was my first solo trip ever. So,  it was quite an exciting month for me! Traveling solo to London Being a person that doesn’t go to cinema alone or that since recently didn’t like to go to the caffe alone, I wasn’t quite fond of an idea of traveling solo. I was concerned I would be lonely and that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself for the whole day. What if I would see something funny and won’t have…

Vivian Chiona: The lessons I learned in Bali

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For me, traveling is always inspiring. It teaches you how to be open to differences. You also learn so much about other cultures and, of course, about yourself. Here is a guest post from Vivian Chiona, psychologist and founder of Expat Nest, where she helps expats with the challenges and struggles of a mobile life. In 2014, Vivian took a solo trip to Bali and felt totally inspired. Here she writes about the two most moving insights she had there: “In the summer of 2014, I went on a solo voyage to Bali. The trip was challenging, but it was…