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Looking for a great Christmas market in Belgium? Visit Mechelen!

Center of Mechelen

Belgium is famous for its picturesque towns, Medieval painters, delicious chocolate and great beers. But, also for its Christmas markets. Bruges, Ghent or Brussels are well known as a lovely Christmas destinations. However, I’ve recently found another Flemish gem! A beautiful town of Mechelen. I’ve spent the last weekend there and have really enjoyed winter and Christmas activities there. So, if you’re looking for a great Christmas market in Belgium, visit Mechelen! Christmas in Mechelen Mechelen is a lovely town located right between Antwerp and Brussels and easily reachable from both of these cities. Located only two and a half…

Day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges

Canal in Bruges

The Netherlands is a small country which makes it easy to go on a day trip to Germany or Belgium while there. One of my favourite destinations for a short trip from Amsterdam is definitely a cute picturesque town of Bruges. After going to this trip a few times already, here is a guide on how to organise a day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. Day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges How to get there *Train – A train connection between the Netherlands and Belgium is quite good. However, to get to Bruges, you’ll need first to catch a train…

Best museums in Tournai

Museum of fine art is Tournai front

For a rather small town, Tournai has some quite interesting museums. With its rich history it’s not surprising it has a lot to offer in a field of culture, as well. During my weekend in Tournai, I’ve visited some of them. And have chosen these 5 as the best museums in Tournai. Since they are quite small it’s not hard to visit them all during your stay. Best museums in Tournai #1 – Natural History Museum Address: Cour d’Honneur de l’Hôtel de ville, Rue Saint-Martin 52 I’m not a huge fun of a natural history, but this was without a doubt…

Tournai – Ultimate Travel Guide

Square in Tournai

Tournai is a lovely weekend destination for anyone interested in culture and history. However, it’s also a great place for enjoying wonderful Belgian cuisine. Easily reachable from London, Bruxelles or Amsterdam, here is a ‘Tournai – ultimate travel guide’ with everything you need to know about this beautiful town. Tournai – Ultimate Travel Guide Tournai is a city with more than 2000 years of history. It’s one of the oldest cities in Belgium. And it’s the birthplace of France. It was ruled by many different rulers from France, Spain, the Netherlands and even Austria. And all of them left their…

Local Artist’s City Guide: Antwerp (Belgium)

Antwerp city

The best thing to do before any trip is to get recommendations and useful tips from a local. And when these locals are artists and designers, you’re going to get a real thing. That’s why we’re starting with a series of interviews with local artists living in a different European cities. The first interview is with a young Belgian artist Celine van Aken who, after travelling for a year, recently settled in Rotterdam. Celine is a wonderful artist who made her first international art piece at the end of 2017 in Curacao. She made a huge land art piece at the…

Leuven – Ultimate Travel Guide

Leuven city center and amazing architecture

Leuven is a small Belgian town located some 30 km from the capital, Brussels. It’s charming, picturesque and still undiscovered by the hordes of tourists. I’ve spent a weekend there recently and completely fell in love with it! So, I’ve compiled here an Ultimate Travel Guide with some tips, tricks and places you shouldn’t miss when in Leuven!

Belgian Chocolate – the best chocolate shops in Bruges

Dumon chocolate pralines from Belgium

Recently, I made a new rule while travelling – I am buying only edible souvenirs. So, you can imagine that now, going to Belgium for me, is a little holiday itself. Each time, I’m back with a bag full of Belgian chocolates (and a few more jogging mornings scheduled in my agenda). In this post, I compiled a short list with the best chocolate shops in Bruges, that should help you plan your visit. How it all started – History of Belgian chocolate A tradition of making chocolate is quite long in Belgium, and it goes back to the 17th century.…

Bruges travel guide – things you shouldn’t miss

Swans in front of Beguinage Bruges

Bruges in Belgium is definitely one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen. With its well preserved medieval architecture, a lot of great restaurants and plenty of chocolateries it is definitely worth visiting! Here is a small Bruges travel guide with a list of things you shouldn’t miss. Bruges Bruges got its name from Vikings that occupied its territory in 9th century. They called it ‘Bryghia’, which means landing stage. Later on, a name of a town changed to Brugge or Bruges. In 14th century it had 40,000 people, which was the same as London at that time. Golden age…

A lazy day in Bruges

Bruges Grote Markt and chariots

I was dreaming about visiting Bruges ever since I first watched ‘In Bruges’, a great dark comedy starring Collin Farrel, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes. And it finally happened, last weekend I went on a day trip to this cute and charming Belgian town. I was very busy lately with starting my own business, doing a lot of museum guiding and working late most of the days, so I needed  one day for myself. That’s why I took it really slow and was mostly enjoying beautiful medieval architecture and, of course, Belgian cuisine (and beers). So here is how I…