It’s day 5 of Culture Tourist’s Art Blogmas today. And you’ll see quite an exceptional work made by one of the most famous modern painters, Vincent van Gogh’s Landscape with snow.

Art Blogmas 2022

Vincent van Gogh only has a few paintings showing winter or snow. He was impressed with colours and light, and because of that was choosing sunnier seasons like spring or summer for his paintings.

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Vincent van Gogh: Landscape with snow

That’s why Van Gogh’s Landscape with snow is a bit of a surprise among his paintings. But although he painted a winter landscape here, it’s not as gloomy as some of the pictures we saw in this Art Blogmas earlier.

His sky is blue, and it almost looks like some sunshine will soon appear on it. Shades of green, yellow and brown are depicted on the field. Is Van Gogh showing the beginning of spring here?

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His typical brushstrokes and colour palette are present in this painting, as in many others. And it looks like the brightest depiction of the winter we have seen so far in this Art Blogmas comes from Van Gogh. He painted it in 1888, and it’s one of the first paintings Van Gogh created in Arles. It marks the beginning of the most productive time and the peak of his career.

When I was reading about this painting, I found an interesting thing about it. In 2017, Donald and Melania Trump asked the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum if they could borrow that painting to decorate the White House. The museum declined and offered another artwork instead. Well, I completely understand them. I would want to have this painting in my living room, too.

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