In the day seventeen of Culture Tourist Art Blogmas, I’m bringing you quite an unusual painting made by Paul Gauguin – his Winter Landscape.

Art Blogmas 2020

Paul Gauguin, one of the founders of an art style called Fauvism, is famous today for his vibrant paintings made in Martinique and Tahiti. However, the Winter Landscape we’re sharing today is one of his earlier works.

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Paul Gauguin: Winter Landscape

The Impressionist style strongly influenced Paul Gauguin’s Winter Landscape. With the soft colours he’s using and well-defined brush strokes, we almost have a feeling as we’re looking to his winter landscape through the window. Everything is a bit blurry, and as the light is reflecting through it.

Contrary to his later paintings, on which he was using intense colours, often in contrast with each other, this painting seems almost monochromatic. Paul Gauguin is using shades of grey, blue, brown and just a bit of green. With that colour palette, he’s capturing the coldness of a winter day perfectly.

The overall feel we’re getting from this painting is a cold tranquillity. Trees are bare without any foliage on them. And although we could recognise houses, no light or any movement is happening around them. Everything stands still in this painting.

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With the light blue brushstrokes he’s applying around the tree branches, he’s getting a frosted feel, and thus making the whole landscape not only covered by snow, but frozen.

Although he was a master of vivid colours, with this painting, Gauguin is showing us he was talented in painting in the monochromatic colour palette, as well.

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