Can you believe we’re halfway through our Culture Tourist Art Blogmas?

I hope you’re enjoying in discovering some winter-inspired art so far. Today, I’m sharing with you one of the very early representatives of this genre, painted back in the 16th century – Lucan van Valckenborch’s Winter Landscape with Snow near Antwerp.

Art Blogmas 2020

Belgian painter Lucas van Valckenborch was quite an essential artist for development of the landscape, and especially the winter landscape genre. Before him, winter scenes were only a part of the calendar cycles in art, like on the example you could see in our Art Blogmas on day nine.

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Lucas van Valckenborch: Winter Landscape with Snow near Antwerp

With his usage of pastel and light colours, especially the light blue, Lucas van Valckenborch’s painting looks more like an illustration. However, he’s not making it a dreamy fairytale as Claude Monet did on one of his winter landscapes we saw at our Art Blogmas yesterday.

Quite contrary, he’s including numerous details on his painting. Each group of passers-by are involved in a different story. From the group of people warming their hands next to the fire to the group of boys occupied by a game that looks like an ice-hockey.

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It seems as he captured just the glimpse of a winter day, with people busy by doing their things. However, the painter included a bit of a drama by showing one of the houses caught in a fire. We can just imagine the scene will soon change, with people in a hurry to damp down the fire.

Lucas van Valckenborch’s depiction of snowflakes is probably among the most beautiful ones we saw in our Art Blogmas so far. Little dots of white colour give this painting something so decorative.

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