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Three Days at Lake Como

Lake Como with a small village of varenna in a back

Does the combination of high mountains, a beautiful large lake and Italian food sound like a great combination to you? If that’s the case, then Lake Como could be a great place to visit. I’ve recently spent three days at Lake Como and completely fallen in love with it. If you would like to visit it as well, check out my blog post for more info and some tips.

Quick Verona Guide: How to spend three hours in Verona

Bridge and houses in Verona

Last month I went to the Traverse conference in a beautiful town of Trento. I haven’t been in the northern part of Italy before, so I was utterly amazed by how beautiful the region of Trentino was. However, my flight from Amsterdam was to Verona, and after seeing so many beautiful photos of that most romantic Italian city, I wanted to explore it at least a bit. So, on a day of my return to Amsterdam, I woke up early, took an early morning train and spent three hours in Verona. Three Hours in Verona Here is what I did…

What to see in Vatican City?

St. Peters in sundown

Vatican City is home to some of the most amazing art pieces in the world! And there are so many of them it’s impossible to see everything in a day. That’s why proper planning is crucial! I’ve created here a short guide that should help you in planning your visit to the Vatican! How to get there? During my recent trip to Rome, we decided to spent one whole day in the Vatican City. It’s located right in the heart of the Rome, so you can easily access it on foot or by using RED metro line and exit it…

My travel diary: Four days in Rome

View on St. Peter's basilica in Vatican city

Last month I spent four days in Rome. The city was busy, loud, filled with cars but also calm, monumental and beautiful at the same time. It was quite a special occasion to visit it, as well. Marijan and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. And, on top of that, it was our first trip as a couple after we had our son. So, it was like back in the old days, and we just wanted to relax, slowly stroll the streets of Rome and enjoy in Italian cuisine.