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Weekend in Ypres (with child friendly tips)

View on Ypres main square

Belgium is definitely one of my favourite countries in the world. You can open up a map of it, pick up any town, and there is a big chance it’s going to be gorgeous, have some fascinating history and, of course, it’s own beer production. That’s why weekend trips to Belgium became a regular thing for my family and me. A few days ago, we’ve spent a weekend in Ypres and were absolutely amazed by its charm, beautiful architecture, and intriguing past. Weekend in Ypres I went to Ypres with my husband and 5-year-old son, and we have visited it…

Celebrating the Year of Bruegel in Belgium

Image of Pieter Bruegel

Angels becoming demons, fish with a belly full of smaller fish, spiders playing the instruments and all the different kind of monsters painted in a most creative way… All of them could be found on Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s paintings and drawings. 2019 marks 450 years since the artist’s death and many museums and cultural institutions are marking the year of Bruegel in Belgium by organising some interesting exhibitions and event. The year of Bruegel in Belgium At the beginning of November, I’ve spent two days in Brussels and Antwerp by learning more about this fascinating artist. I thought I…

What to do in Mechelen (weekend travel guide with some child friendly tips)

Grote Markt, Mechelen, Belgium

One of my favourite weekend destinations is Belgium and I’m visiting towns in Flanders quite often. Flemish art, cozy feeling many of those places have and Belgian chocolates or fruit beers are just some of the things I like there the most. I’ve recently discovered a new Flemish gem – a town of Mechelen. I’ve spent a weekend there with my family and have decided to create this weekend travel guide with things to do in Mechelen (with some child friendly tips). Useful tips before your visit to Mechelen Although I’ve spent a weekend in Mechelen, you can definitely add…