Finding the best hotel when travelling is always a bit tricky. Especially if you are visiting a country, you haven’t been at before. When planning our trip to Thailand, my husband and I wanted to stay in a beautiful, relaxed and romantic hotel. And we found all of that at Proud Phuket Hotel at Phuket, Thailand. Well, here’s my complete hotel review.

Hotel Review: Proud Phuket Hotel

Some places are made for an active holiday, some for sightseeing and some, like a gorgeous island of Phuket in Thailand, for relaxing. That’s why we were looking for a beautiful and romantic hotel at Phuket to stay in.

And we ticked all the boxes with Proud Phuket Hotel in Thailand. It had everything we were looking for. Proximity to the beautiful sandy beach, many restaurants close by, and so many great facilities, like spa, swimming pool and a nice restaurant.

Are you looking for a great hotel at Phuket? A beautiful romantic place to stay in Thailand? Well, then keep on reading this Proud Phuket Hotel review, because we’ve definitely found it there.

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Proud Phuket Hotel location

Proud Phuket Hotel is located in the northern part of Phuket Island, very close to the airport. However, don’t be discouraged by that. We haven’t heard a plane once. But, on the other hand, it was so easy to travel to and from the airport.

Although Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, its northern side is more quiet and tranquil. There weren’t many people on a beach, and it was very peaceful in the evenings. But, there were enough people around for restaurants to be open ad serve fresh food. It’s an excellent location for families or couples who want to have a romantic vacation in Thailand. And enjoy more in its nature, food and culture, than in the nightlife.

Proud Phuket Hotel is located just next to the Sirinat National Park and Nai Yang beach. Speaking of the second one, it’s a gorgeous long sandy beach with a fantastic turquoise sea. It was never crowded, and I loved spending our mornings there. You’ll find many beach bars and restaurants there, too. You can also come in the evening and enjoy some amazing sunsets.

We actually loved the beach so much that although we planned to go on little trips and visit some of the famous Thai islands, we decided to stay there for the whole week.

*TIP: If you won’t get lazy as we did, and will decide to visit some of those famous islands, many tours are departing each morning and are picking up people from the hotels in the area. Here are some of the best tours departing from Phuket I’ve found. Click on the links to read more about the trips to Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island.

Alongside the road connecting the beach and a hotel, there are supermarkets, restaurants, massage parlours and street food vendors. Making it easy to find everything you need for a relaxing vacation on Phuket. There was a huge market organised on some days in a week behind the hotel. It’s also convenient if you’d like to do some shopping while there.

In general, the area around the Proud Phuket Hotel, the Sirinat National Park and Nai Yang beach felt super safe. And I would definitely recommend it as a place to stay at while on Phuket.

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Proud Phuket Hotel facilities

As I’m getting older, staying at a nice hotel is becoming more and more important to me. So when looking for a great hotel to stay in Phuket, we looked for some facilities like a swimming pool and spa. Well, keep on reading this Proud Phuket Hotel review to learn more about all of them.

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Rooms with swimming pool access

OK, this was my favourite part of our stay at Proud Phuket Hotel. Our room had pool access. How amazing is that? I would stay at Proud Phuket Hotel again just for that.

We would wake up in a morning and just enter the swimming pool from our room balcony, first thing in the morning. It was so amazing to sit at the balcony in the evenings, with our foot in the water, had some local Singha beer, chat and enjoying watching an incredible starry night.

There is a partition between the balconies, so you have privacy while sitting there or enjoying being in your part of the pool.

Outdoor swimming pool

However, if you’d like to enjoy some proper swimming, Proud Phuket Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, as well. There are many deckchairs there, so it’s also a lovely place for reading and sunbathing.

Next to the swimming pool was a small bar, but it wasn’t open while we were there. However, we could order drinks from the hotel, and they would be brought to the swimming pool.

Hotel restaurants – Yai Yai Kitchen and Ang Ku Tea House

Food in Thailand is fantastic, and I would always recommend you to have a meal at one of the restaurants or street food vendors close by. However, sometimes it’s also nice to have a restaurant at your hotel. You’ll actually find two restaurants at the Proud Phuket Hotel.

Breakfast is served at Yai Yai Kitchen, and it was delicious. There were so many different dishes to choose from, spanning from the local Thai food to some Western meals. I really liked how we could sit at the terrace next to the swimming pool and eat there while enjoying some lovely morning fresh air.

The other restaurant is Ang Ku Tea House, named after Phuket’s traditional celebration cakes. It’s located at the entrance to the Proud Phuket Hotel. It is a nice place to have coffee, something sweet or dinner in the evening.

Massage and spa

I loved getting a massage in Thailand! It’s so amazing to embrace that relaxed lifestyle while in Phuket and just enjoy in a massage almost every single day. There are a spa and massage studio in the hotel, and you’ll find the flyer with all the options and special massages in your room.

*TIP: Although, both the food and the spa area were really nice at the Proud Phuket Hotel, as usual with this kind of accommodation, they were a bit overpriced. I would recommend you to have dinner at some of the restaurants close by. And to get a massage at some of the parlours across the street from the hotel. The quality and variety of food were much better, and the prices were significantly lower. The same goes for the massages.


Proud Phuket Hotel also has a small gym, located just next to the outdoor swimming pool. It was usually quite empty, so you can be sure to have access to most of the equipment while there.

Children room

We weren’t using this Proud Phuket Hotel facility since we were visiting it without our son. But, it’s nice to know there is a small children room with toys for families staying there with kids.

Laundry service

I don’t know am I the only one, but lately whenever going on a longer trip, I end up using some of the hotel laundry services. It was very convenient to just leave my clothes at a special laundry bag. And find it the next day all cleaned and ironed. Definitely, a service I love to have in a hotel!

Proud Phuket Hotel Review: Rooms

And we’re coming to the last part of this Proud Phuket Hotel review – a hotel room.

We stayed in a double room with swimming pool access. And I think these are the best hotel rooms at Proud Phuket Hotel. The room was quite spacious, and it had a lot of light. There was a huge king size bed in the main area. We also had some useful amenities like a mini-fridge or a small safe for our valuables. Wifi was working well, and there were many local and international channels on the TV.

At the entrance area of the room, there was a closet with plenty of room for our stuff. However, my favourite was the bedroom. It was divided from the living room with an elegant curtain which gave it a very light feel, many nice hotels in Asia have. It had a huge bathtub, with two separated (with walls and doors) smaller areas for the walk-in shower and a toilet. So you don’t have to be afraid you won’t have enough privacy. Our room and a swimming pool outside were cleaned every day.

Proud Phuket Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels I ever stayed in. And I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely romantic hotel on Phuket. We liked it so much that we spend a lot more time at the hotel than we’re usually spending when on holidays. Hope this Proud Phuket Hotel review is going to be useful and that will help you find great accommodation on Phuket.

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