I’ve had a huge expectations of my 7 days trip to Oman. I was reading a lot about it before I went. I’ve seen so many photos. But still, once I came there I was completely stunned and surprised by its beauty. By its culture. And its wonderful people.

Here is a short photo journal from a week in Oman, one of the most wonderful countries I’ve ever been to.

Photo Journal: A week in Oman


I’ve started my trip in Oman’s capital, the city of Muscat. With it’s white buildings it reminded me of an oasis in a middle of a desert. Because it was built in a mountainous area it spreads on a huge surface. That’s why it’s neighbourhoods almost looks like a small independent villages, rather then a part of a compact city.

# – Mutrah Souq Market, Muscat

One of my favourite places there was Mutrah Souq, the old traditional market. It is a lively colourful place with a lot of both locals and tourists buying clothes, frankincense or some other goods.

# – Sultan’s Palace, Muscat

Although not open to public, Sultan’s Palace in Muscat is definitely one of the most beautiful palaces I’ve ever seen. It’s allowed to wander around the square and arcades in front of it. It had that beautiful combination of a tranquil peaceful marble palace together with something very vivid represented by its blue and yellow façade.

# – Royal Opera House Muscat

Although quite a modern building (it was built in 2011) Royal Opera House Muscat has an appearance of an ancient building. With a combination of many different influences and styles, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Muscat.

# – Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat

The main mosque in Oman is also quiet a young building, built only in 2001. However with its huge dome, main minaret and a four smaller ones it’s a stunning place. Beautiful carved up decoration of the building, together with the carpet and chandelier in the prayer hall made this place a true piece of art.


I could really feel Omani culture in its former capital, today a smaller town of Nizwa. It’s fortress tells the stories of some passed times. But, the fact that we came there just in a time to see the traditional dancers and singers performing made that impression even stronger.

Bimmah sinkhole

Being considered one of the most beautiful sinkholes in the world, Bimmah sinkole is definitely a place to go. Green colour of its water makes such a difference when compared to a blue water of a sea close by.

Wadi Shab

The water spring hidden in one of the caves is a reason for the popularity of Wadi Shab. But it’s not just any spring. It’s a waterfall in a cave in which you can swim into. A walk towards it provides some wonderful views on a mountains, waterfalls and banana trees, as well.

The land of diversities, a combination of an old tradition and culture and a very good modern infrastructure. Oman is a beautiful and exotic yet very easy place to travel to. More of blog posts about this wonderful place will be published in a following weeks.

Ever been to Oman? What were some of your favourite places there?