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Ultimate Travel Guide: Muscat (Oman)

Muscat Al Alam Palace

Oman was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. I enjoyed every single day of my trip to Oman. And Muscat as its capital, definitely added a lot to it. With so many beautiful places it’s the city worth visiting. And here is the Ultimate Travel Guide that will help you in organising your trip to Muscat. Muscat Travel Guide First things first: Useful tips *TIP No. 1: Rent a car! There is a public transport in Muscat but it’s not efficient and nobody seems to use it. You’ll see many taxis around, but they are quite expensive…

Royal Opera House Muscat in Oman

Royal Opera House Muscat

Royal Opera House Muscat isn’t only the most important music and performing arts centre in Oman. It’s one of the most important places of that kind in the Middle East. List of artists performed there is absolutely impressive. Together with its stunning architecture it’s a place that shouldn’t be missed in Oman. I was very lucky to attend both one of the concerts and to join one of the guided tours around the building during the week I’ve spent in Oman. Royal Opera House Muscat Royal Opera House is, like many in Muscat, quite a young building. As a true…

Photo Journal: A week in Oman

View of Nizwa city from the fortress

I’ve had a huge expectations of my 7 days trip to Oman. I was reading a lot about it before I went. I’ve seen so many photos. But still, once I came there I was completely stunned and surprised by its beauty. By its culture. And its wonderful people. Here is a short photo journal from a week in Oman, one of the most wonderful countries I’ve ever been to. Photo Journal: A week in Oman Muscat I’ve started my trip in Oman’s capital, the city of Muscat. With it’s white buildings it reminded me of an oasis in a…