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Hotel Panorama – Hotel with the best view in Zagreb

Bottom perspective view on Hotel Panorama in Zagreb

It’s always a bit weird to look for a hotel in your home town (well, a home town in which you don’t live any more). You don’t really feel like a tourist, but don’t feel like a local any more either. However, I decided to took it as my advantage, use my knowledge as a local and each time I’m in Zagreb, stay in some of the city’s iconic hotels. Of course, by enjoying as a tourist! So, when during our recent trip to Zagreb, Marijan’s parents offered to babysit Karlo for a few days, we wanted to spend that time somewhere…

Zagreb like a local: Ultimate City Guide

View on Zagreb Cathedral

I’ve always found a bit hard to write about the city where I was born and grew up – Zagreb. That’s why I was always postponing this blog post.

However, things changed lately, and I’m in Zagreb maybe twice per year. But, like a visitor now. That’s why I’m starting to see it from a different side of view. I’m more and more a guest in it.

A quick guide to Varaždin

Varaždin old town fortress

Croatia is well known for its Adriatic coastline, but its inland is definitely worth visiting, as well. That’s why I decided to compile a series of posts dedicated to not-so-well-known places there, but absolute musts if you are planning to spend more days in this beautiful country. We will start with the baroque pearl of North Croatia – Varaždin. A quick guide to Varaždin Varaždin is one of those towns which charm you can feel instantly. It is full of charming small streets, beautiful mansions, picturesque churches and friendly people. Once it was the capital of Croatia, but it lost…

What to visit in Istria (Croatia)?

Sundown in Rovinj, Istria

Istrian peninsula, also known as a Tuscany of Croatia is one of its most beautiful parts. It is an excellent mixture of beautiful Mediterranean coastline and the inland full of vineyards, olive trees and a small hills with Medieval towns on them. The best way to explore it is by car because this will allow you to wander from town to town and explore its exceptional cuisine and history. #1 – Pula Istra’s biggest city has a rich history that goes back to Prehistory times. Well preserved amphitheatre (Arena), triumphal arch, forum and theatre originates from Roman times. The city…