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Christmas Traditions in Europe

House with snowflakes projected on it

December is one of the best and most magical months to travel to Europe. Cities are glowing with beautiful decoration, many Christmas markets are organised, and everything looks so festive. Having such a rich culture, there are so many different Christmas traditions in Europe, as well. I did a bit of research and presented some of them here.

21 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

I love castles! Ever since I could remember, I was utterly fascinated by them. Their architecture, owners and all the unusual legends about them. Both my BA and MA thesis were about the castles. And my internship, after I’ve finished my studies, was in a castle, as well. Since I’m always looking for new interesting places to visit, I’ve asked some of my fellow bloggers to tell me what are in their opinion most beautiful castles in Europe. And well, here is the list! Most Beautiful Castles in Europe #1 – Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck, Austria A symbol of the…

Colouring Postcards: Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Colouring postcards Rembrandt in Amsterdam Rembrandthuismuseum

The year 2019 is celebrated as the year of Rembrandt in the Netherlands. Many special events and exhibitions are organised throughout the year to celebrate the work of a famous Dutch painter. I wanted to give my contribution, by designing a set of colouring postcards ‘Rembrandt in Amsterdam’ dedicated to his life and work in the Dutch capital. Rembrandt in Amsterdam Rembrandt lived during the 17th Century and has spent most of his career as a painter in Amsterdam. Many places related to his life and work could still be seen around the city. From the houses where he lived…

Colouring Christmas Cards Inspired by Amsterdam

Colouring Christmas cards in front of fireplace

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Well, I love Christmas time! Decorating my house, making some delicious cookies or setting up the Christmas tree… I love it all! Since I live far away from my family, I love sending them Christmas cards. And each year I’m trying to put a personal touch in it, as well. So, last year I’ve got an idea to create Christmas cards inspired by Amsterdam. And what started as a small thing, became a big project ‘Drawing the Art of Europe’ with already a few different sets of colouring postcards created. However, this year…

Colouring Postcards – Greetings from London

Colouring Postcards: Greetings from London

After success of Culture Tourist’s colouring postcards Dutch Symbols, I’ve decided to start a project called ‘Drawing the art of Europe’. I’m going to design colouring postcards inspired by different European cities. With a special focus on their art and architecture. And after Amsterdam and the Netherlands, a logic choice was to continue with one of my favourite cities – London. So here they are, Culture Tourist’s new colouring postcards’ Greetings from London’. London’s Art & Architecture London is such an amazing city with some beautiful buildings. There is so much history in it, from the Tower of London and…

Colouring Postcards ‘Dutch Symbols’

Colouring Postcards Dutch symbols

As you already know, here in the Culture Tourist we’re all about combining art and travel together. About getting the right experiences when you’re travelling, learning about local art and culture. A part that’s quite important to me when travelling is getting the right souvenir back home with me. Something that’s locally produced that has a meaning and a connection with a destination. That’s why I’ve started designing these colouring postcards. So you can learn about local tradition and culture through a nice souvenir you can send to your friends and family or just keep to yourself. Dutch Symbols The…

Amsterdam Colouring Postcards

Amsterdam Colouring Postcards

As you know, here at the Culture Tourist, we’re all about combining art and travel together. Well, after I’ve got such a nice feedback regarding my Christmas cards inspired by Amsterdam I’ve decided to introduce ‘Products‘ as a new feature on the blog. And I’m very excited about that! All of our products will be created by me or in collaboration with other artists. And you’ll be able to order any of them at our webshop! The first product that will be available in the Culture Tourist Web Shop are Amsterdam Colouring Postcards inspired by events that will be organised during…

Christmas Cards inspired by Amsterdam

Christmas Cards inspired by Amsterdam

As you already know here at the Culture Tourist we’re always trying to combine art & travel. I’ve already did some great collaborations with artist and designers from around Europe. However, this time I wanted to create something myself. So, with a Christmas just around the corner I’ve designed and drawn some Christmas cards inspired by a beautiful city of Amsterdam and its architecture. Colouring Christmas Cards I love Christmas time! And especially sending the Christmas cards. Designing little cards, choosing the most suitable envelopes and writing a little notes to my friends and family. I believe Christmas cards should…