In day twenty two of Culture Tourist Art Blogmas, we’re hosting a lovely Impressionist painting made by Camille Pissarro: Road to Versailles at Louveciennes (The Snow Effect).

Art Blogmas 2020

Camille Pissarro is Danish-French painter and one of the founders and most famous Impressionist painters. In 1869 he moved to the suburbs of Paris, to Louveciennes. As many Impressionist painters did, he chose one motif and painted it numerous times, in different seasons and times of the day. His one was the road to Versailles, the one he painted in the artwork we’re having in our Art Blogmas, as well.

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Camille Pissarro: Road to Versailles at Louveciennes (The Snow Effect)

Similar to some other Impressionist winter paintings we already saw, Pissarro is depicting the winter with the soft brushstrokes and pastel colours. All the houses are painted with a subtle ochre colour. They are making a nice balance with the darker bare trees around them.

Different from other Impressionists, like Monet, he’s using a lot of grey colour to paint the snow. Similar to what some Realism painters, such as Walter Moras from our Art Blogmas on day 18, were doing, he’s also painting his snow with the light and shadow. But at the same time, he’s playing with the texture of the brushstrokes to paint it.

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Although the sky on a painting is also quite grey, he’s using a lot of blue shades and is showing a brighter day in that way.

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