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Belgian Chocolate – the best chocolate shops in Bruges

Dumon chocolate pralines from Belgium

Recently, I made a new rule while traveling – I am buying only edible souvenirs. So, you can imagine that now, going to Belgium for me, is a little holiday itself. Each time, I’m back with a bag full of Belgian chocolates (and a few more jogging mornings scheduled in my agenda). In this post I compiled a short list with the best chocolate shops in Bruges, that should help you plan your visit. How it all started – History of Belgian chocolate Tradition of making chocolate is quite long in Belgium and it goes back to the 17th century. This…

Bruges travel guide – things you shouldn’t miss

Swans in front of Beguinage in Bruges

Bruges in Belgium is definitely one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen. With its well preserved medieval architecture, a lot of great restaurants and plenty of chocolateries it is definitely worth visiting! Here is a small Bruges travel guide with a list of things you shouldn’t miss. Bruges Bruges got its name from Vikings that occupied its territory in 9th century. They called it ‘Bryghia’, which means landing stage. Later on, a name of a town changed to Brugge or Bruges. In 14th century it had 40,000 people, which was the same as London at that time. Golden age…

A lazy day in Bruges

Bruges Grote Markt and chariots

I was dreaming about visiting Bruges ever since I first watched ‘In Bruges’, a great dark comedy staring Collin Farrel, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Finnes. And it finally happened, last weekend I went on a day trip to this cute and charming Belgian town. I was very busy lately with starting my own business, doing a lot of museum guiding and working late most of the days, so I needed  one day for myself. That’s why I took it really slow and was mostly enjoying a beautiful medieval architecture and, of course, Belgian cuisine (and beers). So here is how…