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Things to do in Haarlem – Tips from a resident

Things to do in Haarlem: Saint Bavo church in Haarlem

If you’re looking for a lovely Dutch town to visit on a day trip from Amsterdam, go to Haarlem. Located only twenty minutes from the Dutch capital, it’s a charming town filled with history, beautiful architecture and excellent restaurants. I lived in Haarlem for five years and am still visiting it regularly, so consider this a local’s Haarlem Travel Guide. Continue reading to learn more about its history, best museums, cafes, restaurants and what to do in that lovely Dutch town.

Dutch towns you have to visit – recommended by local travel bloggers

Boat on the Maas river in Maastricht

Although Amsterdam is the city coming to anyone’s mind when thinking about the Netherlands, there are so many interesting places to be seen in that lovely country. I’ve asked some of the travel bloggers living in the Netherlands to recommend some of their favourite places. And here it is, a list of Dutch towns you have to visit (recommended by local travel bloggers). Dutch towns you have to visit The Netherlands is a small country, so going to any of these places on a day trip from Amsterdam should be quite easy. It’s well connected by a train and you…

Biking through the Dutch Dunes

Highland cattle resting in Dutch dunes

One of the reasons I moved from Amsterdam to Haarlem was to enjoy the nature more, vicinity of the sea and a Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. So, when the last weekend, the weather forecast showed a beautiful sunny day, we decided to take our bicycles and cycle from Haarlem to IJmuiden. And we chose a longer but more beautiful way, through the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park.

Jewelry inspired by different sceneries

Nahla presenting her jewelry collection from different sceneries

A few days ago I went to the launch of new Analogie Jewelry collection ‘A Piece of Earth’. Event was held at cozy MICA coffee bar in Haarlem which was very suitable venue for it. Its designer Nahla already had collections inspired by traveling and different cultures (you can see more about her story here). But, this one really stands out with its simplicity and amazing reflection of motifs in jewelry. Nahla found inspiration in five different locations; Ethiopia, China, Australia, Turkey and the North pole. She then looked for gems that are trully representing colors and shapes of its sceneries. It is…