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Rotterdam with kids: Child-friendly weekend in Rotterdam

View on Rotterdam's architecture, river maas and people sunbathing in a foreground

Rotterdam is home to some of the most amazing architecture and street art in the Netherlands. It’s one of the most liveable and child-friendly Dutch cities, as well. Recently I’ve spent a weekend there with my son, and we have discovered some great things to do in Rotterdam with kids. Rotterdam with kids You can visit Rotterdam on a day trip from Amsterdam or some other Dutch city. But, to get its great vibe (which is one of my favourite parts of Rotterdam), I would recommend you to spend the whole weekend there. There are so many fun things to…

Haarlem Travel Guide – Things to do in Haarlem

Saint Bavo church in Haarlem

If you’re looking for a lovely Dutch town to visit on a day trip from Amsterdam, go to Haarlem. Located only twenty minutes from the Dutch capital, it’s a charming town, filled with history, beautiful architecture and some quite nice restaurants. Since I live there for the last three years, you can almost consider this being a local’s Haarlem Travel Guide. Here’s a bit about its history, best museums, cafes and things to do in Haarlem. Haarlem Travel Guide How to get to Haarlem from Amsterdam Haarlem is located only twenty minutes by train from Amsterdam. Trains are departing every…