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Colouring Postcards – Greetings from London

Colouring Postcards: Greetings from London

After success of Culture Tourist’s colouring postcards Dutch Symbols, I’ve decided to start a project called ‘Drawing the art of Europe’. I’m going to design colouring postcards inspired by different European cities. With a special focus on their art and architecture. And after Amsterdam and the Netherlands, a logic choice was to continue with one of my favourite cities – London. So here they are, Culture Tourist’s new colouring postcards’ Greetings from London’. London’s Art & Architecture London is such an amazing city with some beautiful buildings. There is so much history in it, from the Tower of London and…

Amsterdam Colouring Postcards

Amsterdam Colouring Postcards

As you know, here at the Culture Tourist, we’re all about combining art and travel together. Well, after I’ve got such a nice feedback regarding my Christmas cards inspired by Amsterdam I’ve decided to introduce ‘Products‘ as a new feature on the blog. And I’m very excited about that! All of our products will be created by me or in collaboration with other artists. And you’ll be able to order any of them at our webshop! The first product that will be available in the Culture Tourist Web Shop are Amsterdam Colouring Postcards inspired by events that will be organised during…