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Weekend in Hamburg with child friendly activities

Bicycle tied to a fence on Hamburg's canal

After spending a weekend in Hamburg, I’ve completely fallen in love with that city. It looks like Rotterdam’s and Copenhagen’s love child that was raised in Berlin. Cool and classy with a great attitude. It’s the second-largest city in Germany with almost two million people living in it. Often described as a large port and an industrial town, images of an unpleasant grey place are something many people have in their minds when thinking about Hamburg. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I visited Hamburg a few times with my family, and here is my itinerary for the perfect child-friendly weekend in Hamburg.

One day in Pula: What to do & see in Pula in a day

Roman forum in Pula

The biggest Croatian peninsula, Istria, is filled with cute villages, small towns and charming places. And it’s always hard to choose which one to visit. But, if you’re interested in history and culture, then Pula should get on your list of places to visit while in Istria. After being in that town on numerous occasions, I thought it’s the right time to finally create a quick guide to Pula with my recommendations on what to see in Pula on a day trip.

Weekend in Ghent: 48 hours guide to Ghent

Ghent is a beautiful Belgian town with an amazing old medieval architecture that looks like it hasn’t changed for centuries. However, it’s not a city-museum, but a very lively town, filled with many small cafes, restaurants and some great shops. Because of that fantastic mix, Ghent is definitely one of my favourite Belgian towns. I visited it a few times already and thought it’s finally time to create this weekend guide to Ghent with some fun things to do during your 48 hours in Ghent.

Quick Verona Guide: How to spend three hours in Verona

Bridge and houses in Verona

Last month I went to the Traverse conference in a beautiful town of Trento. I haven’t been in the northern part of Italy before, so I was utterly amazed by how beautiful the region of Trentino was. However, my flight from Amsterdam was to Verona, and after seeing so many beautiful photos of that most romantic Italian city, I wanted to explore it at least a bit. So, on a day of my return to Amsterdam, I woke up early, took an early morning train and spent three hours in Verona. Three Hours in Verona Here is what I did…

Saint Petersburg: Ultimate Travel Guide

Saint Petersburg

Saint Pete, Venice of the North or just Pete, there are so many names by which Russian cultural capital is known by. Filled with beautiful baroque and classical buildings, it is a city of art and culture. The city where you can feel the history on every single corner. During a week I’ve spent there visiting my friends I had enough time to explore the city, its surroundings, meet some of its citizens and try some of its great food. So, here is my ultimate travel guide to Saint Petersburg with everything you need to know about that beautiful city.…

Tournai – Ultimate Travel Guide

Square in Tournai

Tournai is a lovely weekend destination for anyone interested in culture and history. However, it’s also a great place for enjoying wonderful Belgian cuisine. Easily reachable from London, Bruxelles or Amsterdam, here is a ‘Tournai – ultimate travel guide’ with everything you need to know about this beautiful town. Tournai – Ultimate Travel Guide Tournai is a city with more than 2000 years of history. It’s one of the oldest cities in Belgium. And it’s the birthplace of France. It was ruled by many different rulers from France, Spain, the Netherlands and even Austria. And all of them left their…

Local Artist’s City Guide: Eindhoven

Eindhoven tunnel street art

In this second edition of Local Artist’s City Guide we’re featuring Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Marieke Vonk is a lovely Dutch designer and artist who creates wonderful paper art and illustrations. She shared with us some of must see places in Eindhoven, her home town. So, be sure to check out her recommendations before your trip there! Eindhoven City Guide #1 – What is your name & what do you do? I’m Marieke Vonk, a 29-year-old artist and graphic designer based in Eindhoven. I make abstract paper collages and am working on a series of fragile silhouettes. #2 – How…

Local Artist’s City Guide: Antwerp (Belgium)

Antwerp city

The best thing to do before any trip is to get recommendations and useful tips from a local. And when these locals are artists and designers, you’re going to get a real thing. That’s why we’re starting with a series of interviews with local artists living in a different European cities. The first interview is with a young Belgian artist Celine van Aken who, after travelling for a year, recently settled in Rotterdam. Celine is a wonderful artist who made her first international art piece at the end of 2017 in Curacao. She made a huge land art piece at the…