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Rotterdam: City of street art & a stylish modern architecture

View on art and Rotterdam Erasmus bridge in background

Rotterdam is a young vibrant city with a perfect combination of a street art and a stylish modern architecture, a great food scene and a cool young vibe. It’s probably my favourite city in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is very beautiful, unique and classy, but Rotterdam is definitely its cooler younger brother. Why you should visit Rotterdam? For its stylish architecture At the beginning of the 20th Century Rotterdam was a very typical Dutch city, with its small brick houses and a cosy town feel. However, most of the old city centre was destroyed in bombing during the Second World War.…

Modern Architecture in Paris

Castel Beranger entrance doors in Paris

When thinking of Paris’ architecture some of the first things coming to our mind are usually Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral and St. Chapelle or Haussmann’s boulevards with the same historical buildings on them. But, what often slips our mind is the 20th century and its Modern architecture that pretty much shaped Paris as we know it today. I wanted to learn more about it, so during my last visit to Paris I joined the Modernist Architecture walking tour organised by Context Travel. Modernist Architecture in Paris’ 16th Arrondissement At the beginning of the 20th century Paris is becoming one of the…