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Cork Midsummer Festival 2021

Cork Midsummer Festival 2021

Cork Midsummer Festival is an annual art event spanning different disciplines such as theatre, visual arts, performance, poetry etc. Organised in the Irish city of Cork, it reflects its host town as an inspiration. First hosted in 2008, this year’s Cork Midsummer Festival will take place both offline and online. Thus, making it an excellent opportunity for an international audience to join and enjoy festival activities from their homes.

Day trip from Dublin: Cliffs of Moher & Galway

Cliffs of Moher

With its forty shades of green and fifty shades of grey, Ireland has a beautiful countryside. During the five days I’ve spent in Dublin, I wanted to explore some places outside its capital, as well. After some research, I liked the most a day trip from Dublin to Cliffs of Moher and Galway. We had such a great time during it, that I decided to write the whole blog post about it. Day trip from Dublin: Cliffs of Moher & Galway Whenever I’m travelling I like the most visiting some places outside the big cities or capitals of the countries.…

Irish writers in Dublin: Literary guide to Dublin

Statue of James Joyce in Dublin

There are few countries that could compare with Ireland when it comes to a number of writers coming from them. Four Irish writers won a Nobel Prize for literature. And you can feel so well that love towards the written word while in Ireland. During my trip to Dublin, I wanted to explore that part of Irish culture more and have created this literary guide to Dublin to help other bookworms to find places related to Irish writers in Dublin. Irish writers in Dublin I always wondered why there are so many famous writers coming from Ireland. And yet, not…

Dublin Travel Diary: Five Days in Dublin

Pub in Temple bar in Dublin

Ireland was a country I wanted to visit for such a long time. I always loved Irish music and humour. And those forty shades of green were something I wanted to see for ages. So, when a few months ago Marijan and I learned we’re going to have a week for ourselves, we immediately booked flight tickets to Dublin. We’ve spent five days in Dublin, and you can read my travel diary from it, here. Dublin Travel Diary: Five days in Dublin We arrived in Dublin on Sunday evening, after a short, hour and a half long flight, from Amsterdam.…