Yes, you read that well – I’m starting the Culture Tourist Book Club!

It’s something I was considering doing for a long time. And after recently joining the local library and rediscovering my new/old love for a good book, I decided to finally start the book club here at the Culture Tourist.

What kind of books can you expect to find there?

All the books I’ll recommend you here are going to be fictional or memoirs. However, in the tone with the topics I’m covering on the Culture Tourist, they’ll be linked to the themes of art, travel and history.

Reading a fictional book about the place you’re going to visit, or you have seen, makes the whole experience so much better. Recently I read a book set up in Paris, and it was so much fun to follow the main characters walking the streets and parks I have visited many times, too.

I also love historical fiction books that are playing with twisting the history a bit. The ones about some famous artists or books that are set up in the old cities. It’s always interesting for me to read a book with a description of a museum or a painting I know by heart.

So, you’re guessing right, in Culture Tourist Book Club you’ll find many of those books celebrating different cities and travel in general.

How is the book club going to work?

My plan is to recommend you a book per month.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll share another detailed book review with you and will tell you a bit about it, its plot, characters and what it is about.

I’ll give you the link on which you can find the book. But, you can also borrow it at your local or online library.

I’m going to create a special post on the Culture Tourist Facebook Page at the beginning of each month. This is where we can comment the book together, and give each other tips for some other art and travel-related fiction books.

In my monthly newsletter, sent on the first day of each month, I’ll also share a bit about the Culture Tourist’s book of the month. If you’d like to get your recommendation in your inbox each month, you can sign in for it here.

At the end of each month, we’ll have a Facebook live in which we can discuss the book together.

Sounds interesting?

I’m going to share with you one of my all-time favourite books first. The review is going to be live on Friday, September 4th.