It’s day twenty-three of our Art Blogmas today. I’m sad we’re slowly coming to its end. But I hope you enjoyed it so far! Today, we’re going to see a lovely work made by Caspar David Friedrich – The Sea of Ice.

Art Blogmas 2020

Caspar David Friedrich was a German painter who lived in the 19th century and mostly painted Romantic landscapes. His landscapes are usually quite mystical and allegorical, showing the fog or the night skies. In style with the time he lived in, Friedrich loved to include Gothic architecture in his landscape paintings, too.

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Caspar David Friedrich – The Sea of Ice

However, the painting we’re hosting today, The Sea of Ice, is somewhat different. He painted the shipwreck on the Arctic. This painting was so unusual for the 19th century that he didn’t manage to sell it during his life.

In that time German newspapers were reporting about a few expeditions to the Arctic, and Friedrich probably got inspired by them.

His winter landscape absolutely stands out among the other Romantic landscapes. Friedrich wanted to show the deadly nature of the Arctic. Although the main focus is on sharp icebergs, on the right-hand side of the painting, we can see a shipwreck. His message is that nature is always going to be stronger than men.

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Friedrich’s choice of colours is also interesting for winter landscapes. The upper part of the painting is mostly covered by the ice-blue and white. While the lower part is covered with shades of brown.

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