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10 Things to do in Bregenz (Austria)

Things to do in Bregenz

With so many fun things to do in Bregenz, this lovely town is a great place to visit in Austria. Located between the beautiful high mountains and a tranquil Lake Constance, Bregenz is filled with beautiful architecture, charming streets, numerous local shops, engaging public art and some fantastic museums. I loved exploring that exciting town and will definitely visit it again. Here is the Culture Tourist’s guide to Bregenz with things to do and see in that beautiful town.

What to see in the Vorarlberg region in Austria

What to see at the Vorarlberg region in Austria

Have you ever planned your next trip to a particular destination in detail while still on holiday in that same place? Well, that happened to me while visiting the Vorarlberg region last week. The westernmost part of Austria is home to stunning nature, picturesque towns and villages, fantastic culture and museums, numerous excellent restaurants and friendly locals. I enjoyed every moment of my trip to Vorarlberg and fell in love with that beautiful region. Here is my travel journal with tips on what to see in the Vorarlberg region in Austria.